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Project Boxes are "templates" that identify project-managed profiles.

If you are the leader of a project but are not a Template Editor, please contact Project:Templates for help on creating and editing your project's Project Boxes.



The primary purpose of a Project Box is to identify a project-managed profile so that visitors can find out how to collaborate on the profile and related profiles.

It can also be used to briefly communicate why the profile belongs in the project. For example, the Mayflower Project box might say, "This person was a passenger on the Mayflower."

The information must directly relate the scope of the project. The line cannot exceed the requirements outlined below.

If a template is being used to communicate more information than this, or if the box's primary purpose is to memorialize or honor a person, it is not a Project Box and the rules on this page do not apply. See Profile Stickers.

Format and Style

Standard container

All Project Boxes must use the Template:Project Box container. If a template does not use the Project Box container, it is not a Project Box.

The container template allows us to create and easily maintain uniform dimensions and styling, including font, border, margins, etc. It also enables us to make Project Boxes "responsive" so that they all display well on mobile devices.

No custom styling should be done. No HTML or CSS is allowed.


Project boxes should have a single thumbnail image. It should be 75 pixels wide and no more than about 100 pixels high. (These thumbnails don't need to be manually created. When you upload an image to profile or free-space profile, a 75-pixel wide thumbnail is automatically created.)

It should not be animated.


If the project uses a category for profiles covered by the project, the template should do the categorization. (Categorization does not appear on the Project Box in the profile. All categories appear together.)


There should be a one sentence description of why the profile is managed by the project. Examples:

  • {{Name}} was a member of the Hatfield and McCoy Family Feud 1863-1891.
  • This person is part of Bahamian history.
  • {{Name}} was part of the settlement of the Dutch Cape Colony.

The sentence should be less than 100 characters.

Project name and tag

Directly after the sentence will appear "Join: [Project Name]. Discuss: [project tag]." For example:

This person is part of Bahamian history.
Join: Bahamas Project
Discuss: BAHAMAS

The link to the project home page and the G2G discussions is automatically formatted by the Project Box container.

Template names

Ideally, the name of the Project Box template should be exactly the same as the name of the project as it appears on the project home page title. In other words, what follows "Template:" should be what follows "Project:". If a project name is especially long it may be abbreviated. It should be easy to type and clearly identify the project to someone who isn't familiar with it.

For example, Template:PGM is not a suitable name because the meaning of "PGM" is not obvious.


Which profiles to place them on

Project Boxes belong on all project-managed profiles (PMPs), whether or not they are project-protected.

In addition to the Project Box, project-managed profiles should have the project account as a profile manager.

Top-level projects and projects with a wide focus should not place their Project Boxes on profiles that are not managed by the project. For example, the German Roots Project should not place its template on all profiles of people with German roots. It should only go on the project-managed profiles. A German Roots sticker can go on the other profiles.

Keep in mind that the purpose of Project Boxes is not to advertise projects. As outlined above, the purpose is to communicate that a profile is managed by the project so that members know where and with whom to collaborate. If collaboration on a profile does not require interaction with other project members, the profile should not have the Project Box.

Multiple Project Boxes on one profile

Ideally, a profile should only be managed by one project. However, sometimes more than one project does actively collaborate on a profile.

A profile should never have more than two Project Boxes.

Project Boxes for projects that are not helping to manage a profile should be removed.

Location on profiles

In the text section of the edit page, Project Boxes should be placed below categories and above the Biography headline. There should be no extra hard returns above or below it, and no horizontal rules (----) anywhere above the Biography.

For example:

[[Category:Battle of Trenton]]
[[Category:Battle of Cowpens]]
{{1776 Project}}
== Biography ==
Joe Schmoe was ...

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