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A Project Coordinator is a member who leads a sub-project or helps lead a project without formal Leader status.


Project Coordinators do things such as:

  • Answer questions from those who are interested in the project.
  • Welcome new members and show them how they can contribute.
  • Coordinate members who want to work together on the same task.
  • Monitor the project's G2G tag to help ensure that project-related questions get answers.
  • Make sure that WikiTree Leaders are aware of project members' issues and concerns.
  • Those with the Project Coordinator badge can edit parents on Project Protected Profiles.

Fundamentally, project coordination is about communication. Communication is essential for collaboration.

If a Project Coordinator ends up in a mentoring situation, their Project Coordinator badge will be removed until the mentorship is concluded.

See the badge page for the current list of Project Coordinators.

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