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All top-level projects need to have at least two WikiTree Leaders involved in them. Leaders are responsible for all the following, clearly dividing the duties among them. If there are Project Coordinators they need to be clear on what is expected of them.

The leader responsible for each of the following functions should be clearly presented on the project page so that everyone knows who to contact.


Managing Badges

One leader should be responsible for awarding and removing the badges when members join or leave the project.

They should periodically check the badge page to make sure the membership list is current.

This Leader should be the one to post the G2G Join post, so they get direct e-mails when people post to request membership.

Internal Communications

One leader should be the point person for internal project communications.

They are responsible for:

  • Maintaining the project page so it has an up-to-date mission statement, summaries of ongoing work, status and responsibilities of the different members, etc.
  • Maintaining communication via project-tagged G2G posts and the project's e-mail list, if there is one.
    • Ask project members what they are doing.
    • Announce when project members do good things.
    • See if project members have questions and make sure they know how to get them answered.
  • Checking to make sure that project members are following the project tag. A Leader can do this by replacing "dna" with their project tag in this URL:

See the "Communication within Projects" section of Leader Communication page for more information.

Categories and Templates

Projects work together regularly, but all projects end up working with the Templates project (at least in the beginning) and the Categorization project to make sure they are setting up their project categories according to the set standards and hierarchies used already on WikiTree. Categorization especially likes one point person to be on their email list from each project to participate in discussion that comes up about categories related to their project or to bring category structure questions to them.

Example Profile Maintenance

All topical Projects should have an example profile in the Example Gallery which exemplifies the project's standards as well as overall WikiTree Style and Standards.

It is up to the project leaders to maintain the profile(s) in the gallery and update them as necessary if changes are made to WikiTree's style rules.

See Example Profiles for more information.

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