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The Project Manager is the Team Member who coordinates projects and does tech support for Project Leaders.


Contact the Project Manager: Steve

Steve Harris is the current Project Manager. Contact him at steve@.

Project Accounts

The Project Manager sets up project accounts. The accounts need to be set up from the info@ email address so that the Team is able to do recovery and transitions for leadership changes.

Project Home Pages

The Project Manager can help make sure that project home pages conform to the standards. See Help:Project_Pages.

Google Groups and Discord Servers

The Project Manager will set up project's email lists and live chat systems.


The Project Manager coordinates badges for projects. These need to be carefully considered because WikiTree cannot have an unlimited number of pages. Often, a new badge is not needed, as a new project will fit as a sub-project of something that already exists. Or the project may not yet meet all the requirements to be a full top-level project. Until everything is in place, the badge should not be added.


The Project Manager helps create and manage project boxes and Profile Stickers for projects. These can be quite complex and even small changes can hammer our server in unexpected ways; so all changes need to be discussed.

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