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A "needs" modifier on a Project Box tag automatically places the project-managed profile on which it is used in a "project needs" maintenance category for the project. The project needs categories then become convenient to-do lists for members.

For example:


How To Use Them

These are available for use on all Project Boxes.

They can also be made available on any project-related Profile Sticker by contacting the team.

You can use up to three, like this:

  • |needs=
  • |needs1=
  • |needs2=

For example: {{New Zealand|needs=Biography|needs1=Birth Record|needs2=Marriage Record}}

Naming the needs

The needs category in which the profile will be placed exactly correlates with what comes after the "needs=" modifier. For example, {{Puritan Great Migration|needs=GEDCOM Cleanup}} will put profiles in [[Category:Puritan Great Migration Project Needs GEDCOM Cleanup]].

See the section below for commonly-used names.

Regarding capitalization:

  • The "needs=" parameter should always be lowercase.
  • The need modifier should always use title case (initial caps), e.g. "Needs Biography" instead of "Needs biography."

When to use Research Note Boxes instead

Do not use a |needs= modifier if there is an approved Research Note Box (RNB) for the need. Essentially, we use RNBs if the need is "so important that anyone who sees the profile should see the research note, even if the viewing user is not a WikiTree member."


Commonly-Used Needs Categories

Project don't need to use all the same needs categories, but we do want standard naming conventions for them. The commonly-used needs categories are listed below. If you find that a new one is valuable, please add it here so that other projects can follow your lead.


There are sources, but the profile needs at least a basic biographical narrative.


For profiles that need sources or proof for their Birth (to determine LNAB/Parents) or existence. This can be a Birth or Baptism record or a different source that proves it was or wasn't a real person, so it might also be evidence that shows a person very likely did not exist.

|needs=Birth Record

The profile needs a birth or baptismal record.


There are sources and there's a biography, but the facts in the biography need footnotes.

(This replaced old maintenance categories, Category Profiles Lacking Inline Citations and Template:More footnotes.)

|needs=Free-Space Profile

The biography contains information that should be put on a new free-space profile page and linked to.

(This replaced Category:New Netherland Needs Free Space and some usages of the old {{Long Profile}} template. (|needs=Merge Cleanup replaces the most common other usage of that template.)

|needs=GEDCOM Cleanup

GEDCOM junk in the biography needs to be cleaned-up. See GEDCOM-created biographies for how to do it.

(This replaced Category:Gedcom cleanup required.)


|needs=Merge Cleanup

For when a profile has been merged at least once and the text sections need to be integrated and cut down. This can be fairly easy but monotonous work. If it goes beyond simple editing, the profile could be moved to something like |needs=Biography or |needs=Research.

(This replaced most usages of Category:Long Profiles in Need of Cleanup and the old Template:LongProfiles. (Another usage of that template was replaced by |needs=Free-Space Profile.))

|needs=Merge Conflict Resolution

Information needs to be resolved prior to merging.


Family members (siblings, children) need merges.

|needs=More Records


Text in the biography appears to have been copied from somewhere else. Legally, only about two sentences can be copied if the text is copyrighted. Therefore, the copied text needs to be cut down or paraphrased.


Profile needs evaluation by a Leader for inclusion in a project. A Leader needs to decide if it meets the requirements for project-protection. Leaders, see Project protecting and merging for the requirements.

|needs=Profiles Created

Sources have been added to a profile which provide enough detail to create profiles for other persons. The member adding the sources has chosen, for whatever reason, not to create the other profiles.


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