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What is a Project-Protected Profile (PPP)?

WikiTree Leaders can protect a profile if the person is part of a project and the profile meets the requirements.

The mission of WikiTree is to connect the human family on one free tree. This means that all the descendants of an ancestor need to share one ancestor profile.

When you go back more than a few hundred years many of us start to share the same ancestors. Large-scale collaboration can be very difficult.

This is why we created projects and started protecting certain profiles in high-conflict areas.

What is Protected on a PPP?

Merge Protection:

  1. The WikiTree ID of a PPP is protected. If any new duplicates are identified, they must be merged into this profile. A PPP cannot be merged-away.
  2. Managers of merged-in profiles do not automatically become managers of a PPP.

Parent Protection: The parents of a PPP are also protected. You need to be a Profile Manager, Project Coordinator, or Project Leader to edit them.

Management by Project

Projects act somewhat like Profile Managers for the relevant profiles. Rather than having hundreds of managers for historically-significant ancestors, individual members of the project or Project Accounts become the managers and take responsibility for leading the editing and maintenance on each profile, while the project as a whole works out controversial issues.

Some examples of projects:

They are open to anyone who wants to collaborate on these profiles, and we encourage you to join.

What if Your Ancestor is Protected?

This is a good thing! It means your ancestor's profile is cared-for by experienced WikiTreers.

If your ancestor's profile is project-protected, it may mean that you can't be the Profile Manager. (Although you might be, if you're the member of the project who's managing it.)

You don't need to manage all your ancestors. In fact, you may not even want to be on the Trusted List for all your ancestors. You definitely want to be on the Trusted List for close family members. You're likely to have information you want to add and when someone else adds or changes something you want to hear about it in your Family Activity Feed. But you might not want to monitor all the changes to the profile of Charlemagne, for example, even if he's an ancestor of yours. Those changes would crowd your Activity Feed so it's harder to watch the profiles you care most about.

How to Protect a Profile

Only a WikiTree Leader can protect a profile. Contact one for help.

Leaders, see project protecting and merging.

See also: Pre-1700 Profiles.

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