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Profiles of historically-significant people and widely-shared ancestors can be controversial. Many members want to participate in editing them. To facilitate this broad-based collaboration WikiTree members create projects. The controversial profiles are given special protections and managed by the project as a whole through a project account. These are called Project-Protected Profiles (PPPs).


What is a Protected on a PPP?

  1. Merge Protection: The WikiTree ID is protected. A PPP cannot be merged-away into another profile. Duplicate profiles must be merged into the PPP.
  2. Relationship Protection: Parents, children, and spouses of a PPP cannot be added or removed unless you are a Project Leader, Project Coordinator, or Profile Manager acting on behalf of the project.
  3. GEDCOM Protection: A PPP cannot be edited via GEDCOMpare unless you are a Project Leader, Project Coordinator, or Profile Manager acting on behalf of the project.
  4. App Protection: A PPP cannot be edited via external apps unless you are a Project Leader, Project Coordinator, or Profile Manager acting on behalf of the project.

How to Contribute to a PPP

Any WikiTree member can participate in major decisions about a PPP by joining the project that manages it. There should be a Project Box identifying the project above the biography. We hope you'll join.

However, you do not need to join the project to contribute, unless it's a profile for a living notable.

How to make minor improvements

The data, biography, and sources on a PPP can be edited by any member who has signed the Honor Code. If you have a non-controversial improvement to make, please make it!

How do you know if a change will be controversial? The examples on Communication Before Editing may be helpful. When in doubt, follow the instructions below.

How to make major changes

To suggest significant changes, post a comment on the profile. Project members will see your comment and should reply within a few days.

Profile comments are completely public. Everyone who sees the profile can see what you have suggested and how project members have responded.

If you do not get a response or want to make sure that a large number of community members see the discussion, post in G2G. Be sure to link your post to the profile using the WikiTree ID.

How to add or edit a parent, child, or spouse

Here is what to do if a PPP is missing a parent, spouse, or child or is connected to the wrong person.

If a profile for the missing family member does not already exist create it as you normally would, either from an unprotected family member or using the form for adding unrelated people.

When the profile for the missing family member exists:

  1. Make sure it includes your source(s) that show why you believe they are the parent, spouse, or child of the PPP.
  2. Post a comment on the PPP profile that includes the WikiTree ID of the profile that should be connected.

How to Protect a Profile

Project Leaders can protect a profile if it meets the requirements. (Project Leaders, see Project Protecting and Merging.)

If you would like to protect a profile, contact the appropriate project for help. If you are uncertain about whether there is a current project that would fit the profile, post in G2G.

If a profile is improperly protected because it does not meet the requirements contact the project or post in G2G.

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