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Projects on WikiTree are often sub-divided into teams, each with its own Team Leader.

Benefits of the team model:

  1. Gives volunteers more choices about how to be involved.
  2. Gives volunteers more ownership and therefore may lead to a greater commitment.
  3. Makes a project "modular" so that it is easy to add and remove components as volunteers come and go.

These are some of the different types of teams:

  • Geographical Teams where members work together on profiles from a certain area.
  • Topical Teams can be as diverse as Authors or Abolitionists. It gives people a chance to work on their special interests while still being part of something bigger.
  • Maintenance Teams could be anything from sourcing teams to Data Doctors to categorization teams. These teams focus on one particular task across the whole of the project.
  • Management Teams manage profiles for the project.
  • Educational Teams help members inside the project and in the broader community learn more about the project's goals and subject matter.
  • Membership Teams are crucial for helping people join a project and become active. They monitor the G2G sign up post, reach out to newcomers, gather them into the Google Group, and introduce them to their Team Leaders. Membership Teams also do bi-annual check-ins with project members to see how they are doing, if they need help with anything, and if they would like to switch teams.

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