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Projects and sub-projects fit one of the two basic types: topical and functional.

Free-space projects can be anything. Although we don't try to define their type, they are usually topical and fit within topical projects or sub-projects.

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Topical Projects

1776.gif acadia.gif anzacs.gif lds_pioneers.gif pgm.gif presidents.gif

These are the most common type. They are centered around a group of profiles that are connected in a logical or historical way.

Examples include European Aristocrats, Mayflower, etc.

The missions of these projects is unambiguous. They exist to fill out and improve the profiles in their scope.

Almost all topical projects manage profiles. Some of these managed profiles may be protected.

Leaders of topical projects help coordinate the work that's being done on the profiles. They need to help communicate the project mission to members and prospective members. They watch for areas that are under-served, act as a point person for issues related to the profiles, etc.

Functional Projects

ambassador.gif arborist.gif greeter.gif mentor.gif ranger.gif integrator.gif

These are special projects centered on important WikiTree activities.

Examples include the Arborists, Greeters, Mentors, G2G Integrators, and Rangers.

The role of Leaders in these projects is very different. Every functional project is unique.

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