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If you are on the Trusted List for a private profile you will see a "public view" link to the right of the tabs. This is an easy way to understand the privacy controls.

The Public View basically shows you what members outside the Trusted List see. However, it has significant limitations. The best way to fully understand the privacy controls is to logout or use the "incognito" or private browsing mode on your browser.

Limitations of Public View

  • The Public View is only for the initial view of the main profile page. Clicking any button or link takes you away from the Public View. What you then see if different from what others would see. This includes:
    • Ancestors and Descendants buttons. If you click those buttons, you may see private relatives' names or private information that others would not see.
    • Images. If you click on a thumbnail image, you will see the full-sized image and all information, but those outside the Trusted List would not. See Help:Photo Privacy.
    • Privacy tab. Private information you see by clicking on the Privacy tab, such as email addresses for Trusted List members, would not be visible to others.
  • The Pull-Down Menus at the top of the page are customized for you. You won't see them as another member would see them. You will also see [edit] and action links that others would not see.

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