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If you are on the Trusted List for a profile you will see its Private View by default but you can click the Public View tab to see what members who are not on the Trusted List see. This is an easy way to understand the privacy controls.

Although they are unrelated to privacy, there are also significant differences between what members and non-members see. Logout to see what non-members see.

Differences Between What You See and What Other Members See on Public View

The Public View is not a perfect reproduction of what members outside the Trusted List see. There are some differences, including:

  • You will see some edit and action links that others don't see.
  • The Pull-Down Menus at the top of the page appear as they normally do for you.
  • What you see if you click an "Ancestors" or "Descendants" button may be different.
  • What you see if you click any link will be different. Clicking a link takes you away from the Public View. For example, if you click to view the details of a change you'll be seeing what you would normally see. If you weren't on the Trusted List for a private profile you could not see the details of the change.
  • Related to the above: The Public View is only for the main profile page. Most other pages look essentially the same whether or not you are on the profile's Trusted List — if the public can access them all. A few notable exceptions:
    • If you click on a thumbnail image on a public profile you will not see the larger version and the photo details if you are not on the Trusted List.
    • On Family Tree and Descendant pages you will not see private relatives' names unless you are on their Trusted Lists. For example, if a public father has a public son and a private daughter, the father's Descendants page will list the son's name but not the daughter's. There are also some "My Family Tree" links on these pages that are unique to you.
    • On Privacy pages for public profiles you will see who is on the Trusted List but not their email addresses, and of course you can't perform actions such as changing the Privacy Level or adding other people to the Trusted List.

Sharing the Public View of a Profile

If you share a profile with someone else, you do not need to share the Public View.

Whether or not someone sees the Private or Public View is determined automatically. You should always share a URL like <> instead of <>.

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