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When logged-in to WikiTree you will see a set of navigation links in the upper-right corner of almost every page.

If you hover-over a menu item with your mouse/cursor, a set of links will appear below it. (If you're on an iPad or iPhone, you may need to click the menu item.)

These links enable you to go directly to important pages and tools. The most important link or links in a menu are in bold.


My WikiTree

These are links that are personalized to you as a user of WikiTree, such as your Navigation Home Page and your Watchlist.

Profile Menu

These are labeled with a WikiTree ID, e.g. Franklin-1.

They link to features and tools for the person whose page you're on, or if you're not on a person-related page, to your own. (If you're on your own, there is some duplication with the My WikiTree menu.)

Surname Menu

These are labeled with a surname, e.g. SMITH, and only appear on surname-related pages such as the Smith index.

They link to other surname-related pages and tools, such as the Smith Activity Feed, Unsourced Smith Profiles, Unconnected Smith Profiles, etc.


These are links for adding content to WikiTree, e.g. for adding a new person profile.


These are links for finding content on WikiTree, most importantly the Search page.


These are links for getting help using WikiTree, e.g. with our Help Pages or our G2G member-to-member help forum.

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