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This page is about HTML markup tags. See G2G Tags for the kind you follow.

This page is for advanced members. Many members only need to use the formatting options that are available in the buttons above an editing box. Members who want to learn more should start at Editing Tips.

The following is not a wiki markup "cheatsheet" and it is not intended to help you use these tags. It is meant to help you distinguish between tags that are recommended and supported (those you see below) and tags that are not recommended on WikiTree (those you don't see below). Before using any tag you don't see below, read HTML and Inline CSS very carefully.

To use this list, start with a tag you're uncertain about and see if it's listed below. Tags and codes are grouped by the character they begin with. For example, if you want to know if <font> is recommended, look for it in Angle Brackets section. If it's not there (it's not) that means it's not recommended.

Ellipses (...) in a tag or code mean the content in that space is variable. The entire tag or code is not necessarily listed below. Modifiers and properties are not included.

Inclusion in this list does not mean the tag is appropriate in every circumstance. For example, the recommendation for extended quotations is to use <blockquote>. Manual indentation with a colon (:) is not recommended for quotations but it is recommended for other spacing needs.

If you're still confused about whether you should use a particular tag, just ask about it in G2G Tag your question with "style".


Angle Brackets


  • ''...'' - italic uses two apostrophes
  • '''...''' - bold uses three apostrophes
  • '''''...''''' - bold and italic uses five apostrophes - see Editing Tips


  • * - bulleted list
  • ** - nested bulleted list inside a list (level 2 list)
  • *** - nested bulleted list (level 3 list) - see Editing Tips

Braces/Curly Brackets

Brackets/Square Brackets

  • [...] - link to any URL - see Adding Links
  • [[...]] - link to WikiTree profile
  • [[:Category:..]] - link to WikiTree category - see Categorization
  • [[Category:..]] - categorize a page - see Categorization
  • [[Image:...]] - displays an image - see Photos FAQ
  • [[Project:...]] - link to WikiTree project page
  • [[Space:...]] - link to WikiTree free-space profile
  • [[Wikipedia:...]] - link to Wikipedia article
  • [[Google:...]] - Link to Google search


  • :... - indent (must be first character on line)
  • ::... - double indent
  • :::... - triple indent - see Editing Tips

Do not indent every paragraph in a biography. If the community decides that wider margins are preferred, this would be done site-wide.

Equal Signs

  • ==...== - level 2 headline
  • ===...=== - level 3 heading
  • ====...==== - level 4 heading - see Editing Tips

Hash/Number/Pound Signs

  • #... - numbered list item
  • ##... - nested numbered list item (level 2 numbered list)
  • ###... - level 3 numbered list - see Editing Tips

Hyphen/Minus Signs

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