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If you are having trouble registering an account on WikiTree here are some ideas. If you have registered but haven't received your email confirmation message, see E-Mail Confirmation Problems instead.

Most problems happen with our anti-spam protections.

These protections are meant to foil advanced robots and workers in Third World countries who are paid a few cents an hour to post spam. The protections need to be hard enough so that the spammers can't easily get past them and ruin our community. We realize that also makes it harder for legitimate members. It's a delicate balance that is never perfect.

If you get an error that says the code was entered incorrectly, try reloading the page and entering the new code.

If you still get the message that you have typed an incorrect code, and you are certain that you typed it correctly, it could be that there are browser extensions interfering with the Captcha.

To get around this you could either:

  • Try a different web browser, e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or
  • Disable all your browser extensions until after you have completed the registration process. You should restart your browser before attempting to register again if you disable the extensions.

If this does not solve the problem, the community in G2G may be able to help. Please also post if you have a problem that you're able to solve yourself and it isn't clearly explained above. We would like to update this page so it has clear instructions for others. Thanks!

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