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Parent-child relationships on WikiTree have what we call a "Relationship Status" or "certainty status" indicator.

Certainty Status for Fathers and Mothers

The Relationship Status options for parents are:

Follow the links above for information on how to choose the appropriate status. Then select it beneath a mother or father on the right side of a person's edit-profile page.

Selected indicators will appear on certain family tree views and will affect Relationship Finder results.

Certainty Status for Children, Siblings, and Spouses

The Relationship Status indicators only appear for paternal and maternal relationships.

To edit the certainty status for a child, simply click to the child's edit-profile page instead of the parent's edit page.

The certainty status for siblings can be inferred. That is, the certainty that two people are siblings is based on the certainty of their relationships to the same mother and/or father. This isn't tracked separately.

We don't currently have certainty status indicators for spouses but they could be added to WikiTree in the future. For now our focus is on the relationships that build trees, i.e. the core father and mother relationships.

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