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WikiTree is a community with many helpful genealogists who are glad to share their time and expertise with others. Here's how to find and offer local research assistance.

This program is entirely for volunteers. This is not for paid research assistance.


Finding a Helpful WikiTreer

Use the research assistance categories to find your region.

Click a member's name to see how they are able to help. In the right column of their profile there will be a link to a G2G post with details.

You can also browse the G2G forums for local research assistance postings.

If a member has helped you   generous_green.gif

If you were helped by a member, consider awarding them a generous genealogist star. You might also comment on their G2G post saying that you appreciate what they did for you.

Volunteers don't do their work for the badges and thank-yous, but a little recognition is always welcome.

Offering Your Assistance   local_volunteer.gif

Will you offer help? You don't need to create a permanent obligation for yourself. When someone contacts you with a specific request, you can still decide whether or not you can help them with it, and you can remove your offer at any time.

First, add a category to your profile

Add one or more regional research assistance categories to the bio/text of your profile.


[[Category:Sweden Research Assistance]]
[[Category:Manitoba Research Assistance]]

It doesn't matter if it's an existing category or a new one with only you in it. If it's new, categorize the new category page by adding [[Category:Research Assistance]] and the regional category to it. For example, Category:Australia, Research Assistance is categorized under Category:Australia and Category:Research Assistance. For more information see Using Categories or ask for help in G2G with the tag categorization.

You can add as many regional categories as you feel you could be helpful in. You could always remove them later if you get overwhelmed.

Second, post in G2G

  1. Open a G2G question.
  2. Entitle it something like Do you need research help in the New York City area?
  3. Write a few quick sentences about the region-specific help you're willing to offer. This might include visits to local courthouses or archives, cemetery photography, look-ups in local histories ... anything that is specific to your area that you might be willing to do.
  4. Enter your WikiTree ID in the field below the text so that your posting will be connected to your profile.
  5. Tag your question with research_assistance and your region, e.g. british_columbia.

See for examples.

Thank you for being a generous genealogist!

Removing Yourself as a Helper

If you're unable to continue offering help, it's easy to remove yourself.

First, remove the research assistance category from your profile.

Second, post a comment on the G2G question that's tagged with your ID, saying that you're no longer available. You may wish to edit the question to remove your WikiTree ID and the tags.

If you're just unavailable temporarily or want to adjust your offer, simply edit your G2G question or post a comment clarifying it.

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