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Research Notes Sections

It can be very helpful to include a Research Notes section in a profile.

To create one, simply put a new headline between the Biography and Sources sections in the text of the profile like this:

== Biography ==
== Research Notes ==
== Sources ==

You might use this section to explain:

  • The current state of research. Where have you looked, and where haven't you looked?
  • Common mistakes or myths. Are there likely sources of mistakes for this person's genealogy?

If you use the first-person voice in your research notes, sign and date them by entering four tildes (~~~~).

For more information, see these G2G posts:

Research Note Boxes

You can draw attention to very important information about the current state of the genealogical research related to the person with one of the special feature boxes called Research Note Boxes.

Options include:

  • {{Conflated}} for when a profile has information on two or more people that has been combined and confused. See Template:Conflated for more information.
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