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RootsSearch is an independent research app developed by Justin York.

Research with RootsSearch

RootsSearch enables you to easily search over 20 genealogy websites with button clicks, without reentering names, dates, parents' names, etc., on each website.

WikiTree connects to RootsSearch in a special way — you don't even have to enter names and dates once. They are automatically filled-in based on a person's WikiTree profile.

How to access RootsSearch:

  1. Click the "Research" link on the pull-down menu at the top of any person-related page that starts with the person's WikiTree ID.
  2. Look for the "Research" section near the bottom of the right column on profiles (if the profile is public and you're logged-in).
  3. Click here and enter a WikiTree ID.


If you click on a RootsSearch link from a private profile you will be asked for your WikiTree login info, even if you are already logged-in to WikiTree. This is because the tool that connects WikiTree to RootsSearch is an independent application run on our separate "apps" server, It is safe to enter your WikiTree credentials here.

Many of the linked websites require a further login. For example, to search FamilySearch you need a FamilySearch login. Although FamilySearch is free, not all the linked websites are. Some require you to pay for a membership to see the information on their site.

You can change which websites have search buttons at the bottom of RootsSearch. Click the small "more sites" link at the bottom to change the settings.

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