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See sourcing_sprints in G2G for the current challenge.


What are Saturday Sourcing Sprints?

Sourcing Saturday Sprints are one-day challenges. They're casual mini-versions of our fun annual Source-a-Thon.

To participate, simply reply once in the current G2G Forum post, giving us your GMT time zone and team name, if any. After that, use the Challenge Tracker to count your profiles sourced (see the weekly thread for instructions). We can continue to use the thread to brag, complain, commiserate, and generally share and have now added a Google Hangout where we can chat real time. It will be as quiet or busy as we make it.


  • All profiles improved must come from the Unsourced categories or already be present on WikiTree and unsourced (don't create new profiles without sources and then add them).
  • The tally is of profiles improved, not sources added. That said, if you can add a number of sources to a profile, all the better. Remember, your sources need to be as full and specific as possible, so others find them useful. That means, if the source is online, you should link to it. If it is a page from a book, the page number should be included so others can easily see where you found the reference.
  • If the only source on a profile is "Ancestry tree," "," Ancestry search results page, "Pedigree Resource Files" from FamilySearch, and the like, the profile can count as unsourced. If you add better sources to the profiles, it can count in your tally.
  • If you attempt to add sources to a profile and just cannot find any, please add a note under a == Research Notes == section giving where you tried to find records and you can sign it with the four tildes so the date is applied as well. That way the next researcher knows where to start. Do not remove the Unsourced Template and do no count in your tally. Examples:
    • "Looked for John in the US Census records for 1900-1940 and couldn't find him on FamilySearch or Ancestry"
    • "Searched Google for an obituary and didn't find one."
    • "FamilySearch's Pedigree Resource File has a record for this person but no sources are included" and give the link
  • If you find a match and can merge a profile into an already sourced profile, that counts too. You still found a source, plus you eliminated a duplicate.

Follow the tag sourcing_sprints to get the weekly posts.

Changes and Suggestions

The Saturday Sprints started November 2016 and are still evolving. See this G2G post for changes and suggestions.


Total sourced profiles by week for October:
  • 474 for 4 November 2017
  • 118 for 11 November 2017
  • 391 for 18 November 2017
  • for 25 November 2017

Congratulations to John Noel, Saturday Sourcing Sprint winner for the Sprint held 18 November 2017!

Sortable table - See Sourcing Sprint Archive for "pre-May" details.
Total Sourced
Jerry Baraboo6
Janine BarberTeam Massachusetts 600-7154
Sharon Casteel Team Anywherers31
Tina Chase 45
Paula Cullen Kiwi Crew+1277
Earl Davis 4
Deb Durham Team Roses-4260
Amanda Frank Team Tornadoes-537
Amelia Gerlicher13
Ros HaywoodTeam GB-Gen387
Debi Hoag Southern Sourcerers
and Team 811
Chris Hoyt 23
Robert Hvitfeldt 175
Veni Joyner3
Darren KellettKiwi Crew+13193
Amy Kelly 17
Star KlineTeam Forget-Me-Nots404
Manfred Kraut15
Nan Lambert168
Greg Lavoie18
Susan McNameeTeam Roses-4226
Susie MacLeod Team Roses 165
J Manners97
Diana Marable4
John Noel -51519
Jim ParsonsTeam Anywherers50
Debra Pate 34
Isabelle RassinotTeam Roses396
Maureen Rosenfeld124
Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz 99
Steven Schmidt 38
Liz Shifflett Team VA62
Charlotte Shockey372
Kitty Smith40
Sheena TaitTeam GB-Gen+0150
Vic Watt88
Michelle WilkesTeam GB-Gen+0140
Kim Williams18
Lori MasucciSouthern Super Sweepers-568
G. Redmond12
Karen LorenzTeam Anywherers46
Pat CreditTeam Anywherers11
Joan WhitakerTeam GB-Gen284
Jennifer Robins8
Donna AstonTeam GB-Gen40
Linda BarnettTeam Tennessee-530
Eileen Bradley6
Alexandra Carter3
Robynne LozierKiwi Crew171
Cynthia LarsonLegacy Heirs4
Richard Devlin5
Kristin MerrittSouthern Sourcerers11
Guy ConstantineauMighty Maple Leaves42
Kathleen Ostic6
Jason CottrellTeam GB-Gen55
Charlene NewportKiwi Crew+10216
Kay SandsTeam Tornadoes-5251
Jody Rodgers Team Anywherers-56
Terri Haddox Team VA-53
Eric Hoffman Team Great Lakes-45
Kirsty Ward Kiwi Crew+144
Catherine TrewinMighty Maple Leaves-524
Cindy Lesure-416
Betty Tindle33
Lee Anne Pedersen-61
Robin Coles3
S. Davenport Team Roses-623
Amanda D.12
Gwen FlemingTeam Massachusetts 600-457
Janet GunnTeam Musty Dusty-47
Joe Patterson6
Raewyn Vincent 2
Beverly Aherns 181
Nancy SchlegelTeam New York-744
Caryl Short -412
Karen Tobo Record Romancers-610
Don Crum 20
Eileen Strikwerda Team Australia17
Kathleen CobcroftTeam Australia+112
Janet Wild 1
Nanette Pezzutti9
Richard T. Ryker11
Wendy A. Sullivan013
Anne M. Dale3
Julie L. Campbell3
Unregistered 133

Participant list current through 22 November 2017 2:46pm EST


(Calendar 201710)

(Calendar 201711)

(Calendar 201712)

Challenge Tracker

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