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Participating in the Source-a-Thon can be tricky for newer WikiTree members. This tutorial is broken down into small steps to walk you through the process of contributing.

Things will flow the most smoothly if you utilize several tabs open at the same time. One with the Unsourced category, one with the profile you're sourcing, and if you're using internet sources (such as, a tab for those.

1. Register for the Source-a-Thon

At the top of the G2G Forum is the Source-a-Thon sign-up thread. Simply click on 'answer' and say you want to join and let us know what team you want (adding a 'comment' won't work, only an 'answer.')

2. Pick a Team if you don't already have one.

You don't have to pick a Team. Teams are a great way to add to the fun though. You can cheer each other on or pass around tips for good places to find sources. If you want to be on a team but don't know which one either look at the Team List or just state which region you want to work on and other WikiTree members will suggest a team.

3. Once you've "answered" the thread you'll be assigned a 'bib number.'

See the Sticker Help page for how to add a Sticker to your profile.
{{Source-a-Thon|team=Your Team|year=2019}} produces this:
... ... ... participated with Your Team during the 2019 Source-a-Thon, adding sources to 123 previously unsourced profiles.

Save a copy of your bib number and upload it to your WikiTree image space to personalize your Sticker even more:
{{Source-a-Thon|team=Your Team|year=2019|sources=123|bib=M_Silva_WikiTree_Space-42.png}} produces:
... ... ... participated with Your Team during the 2019 Source-a-Thon, adding sources to 123 previously unsourced profiles.

4. To find profiles to source, go to the Unsourced Profiles categories. Only profiles from these categories count.


Unsourced profiles for Virginia.

37155 Unsourced Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999 New
Category:Virginia, Unsourced Profiles 13302 45 2865 8950 1430 12 16
Location: Virginia, Category:Unsourced Profiles 22440 30 3320 16135 2529 426 57
Location: Virginia, Suggestion 802 & 803 227 6 5 57 95 64 6
Location: Virginia, Suggestion 131-134 1186 70 99 873 135 9 5

Table prepared at 23.05.2023 10:51:59 (Slovenian time). Condition to prepare list (Location is Virginia,VA). Profiles: 1061962

If you are on a Team they may have lists that you can work from posted on the team page. Whether they do or not - bookmark the team page for easy access during the Thon (you can delete it afterwards).

5. Find a profile. Look for Open profiles with a white dot, since anyone can edit these.

Choose a profile

Unsourced Profile

6. Add a source.

The picture below shows a source gotten from FamilySearch. You don't have to use that site but they are free to use and have source citations you can copy and then paste into WikiTree.
Found Source on
Copy the source citation, if there is one

(Click on the edit tab of the profile to add the source. See Sources for more on how to do this. If you can't find any sources for the person, please add a Research Notes section explaining this.)
Paste the source under a Sources heading

7. Removed the Unsourced template or categorization. It will look like {{Unsourced|X}} or [[Category:Unsourced Profiles]].

Delete the Unsourced template and save!

8. Post a Comment when you save your work.

Please comment that you added a source (or more specifically which source). Once you have saved your changes click on the 'Challenge Tracker' button and select 'Source-a-Thon.'

9. You have now made our Global Tree a little healthier... one profile at a time!

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