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"Star Profiles" are the most popular profiles on WikiTree.

What is a Star Profile?

We combine the basic page view data that we store and display on profiles (the total number of views for all time) with current data from Google Analytics and use this to separate profiles into five groups. The top group is what we are calling "five-star profiles" or simply "star profiles." These profiles have been viewed at least 1,000 times in total, and by at least 100 different people in the past year.

How Do You Find Star Profiles?

See Help:WikiTree Plus.

Star Profile Checklist

  1. Check that facts are sourced. Try to find sources for ones that aren't.
  2. If there aren't dates/locations, see if you can find them and add with sources. If you can't find them, it would be helpful to add comments under a Research Notes section about where you searched so that others don't have to repeat your efforts.
  3. Check if there are any duplicate family members and propose merges when necessary.
  4. Rearrange the Biography section into a logical order, remove any GEDCOM junk and clean up after any merges (see Biographies).
  5. If there is a biography, make sure it is an originally written narrative, excluding any copyright or licensing violations (for example, not something that was copied and pasted from Wikipedia; see Copying Text).
  6. If there's not a biography, try to lay out a basic narrative and/or timeline of the person's life. Getting the key facts in order will help others later.
  7. Make sure the profile meets our Profile Aesthetics recommendations (see Profile Aesthetics and HTML and Inline CSS).
  8. See if you can add photographs or other visual items.
  9. Add categories, project templates, stickers and/or succession boxes if appropriate.

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