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Starting a project is easy and instant if you want to make it a free-space project. If you want to start a top-level project or sub-project it's more involved. See the Project FAQ for some information on these different levels of project formality, or see the questions below to get started.


Question #1: Do you want to start it right now?

If you want to get started immediately, simply create a free-space project profile now.

Projects can start as a free-space projects and later become more formal when they're more organized and have more members.

If you don't mind waiting, go on to the next question.

Question #2: Does your idea relate to an existing project?

Browse the projects list. Which projects are the closest to what you're envisioning?

If your idea might logically fit under the umbrella of an existing top-level project or sub-project, launch your idea as a new sub-project. This is much easier and faster than setting up a new top-level project. Simply get in touch with the leader(s) of the top-level project and coordinate with them.

If the members of the top-level project don't support your idea or won't respond, contact Abby and she'll help.

If there is no top-level project that relates to your idea, go on to the next question.

Question #3: Are you currently a "WikiTree Leader"?

WikiTree has a member permissions status called "Leader." Leaders can assign project badges, edit project pages, designate project-protect profiles, etc. It's necessary for someone involved in a top-level project to have these permissions.

Sub-Projects can be led by any member. We call these Project Coordinators. The Leaders of the top-level project then help with some of the administration.

If you are not a WikiTree Leader but your idea doesn't fit within an existing project, contact Abby. Abby will talk to Leaders to see if some are willing to join your project or assist with it. In some cases it may make sense to create a new top-level project to encompass your idea. For example, if you wanted to create a China project there may be Leaders who have already been considering an Asia project and your energy would be the catalyst that makes it happen.

If you are a WikiTree Leader and your idea doesn't fit within an existing project, proceed to the next question.

Question #4: Do you have a mission statement and task list?

You may already have a good idea of what your project will be all about. Have you written it out yet?

See the Projects list and click to their project page for examples. You may want to create a free-space project page to hold your draft.

Once you have a draft of a mission statement and task list for your project, go on to the next question.

Question #5: Do you have four other members?

Free-Space Projects and Sub-Projects don't have minimum membership levels. Top-level projects need five active members and at least two Leaders.

If you don't have four others yet, you may want to create a free-space project page as a placeholder to start organizing. Then post to G2G. Simply say what you're thinking about, link to the free-space project page, and ask if anyone would be interested in joining you or if they have any suggestions. Be sure to tag the post with projects.

Mention it on the Leaders e-mail list too, with a link to the G2G post. You might also mention it on WikiTree's Facebook or Google+ communities.

It doesn't hurt to mention your idea anywhere that genealogists with an interest in the topic gather. For example, if you were thinking about a project on Texas genealogy you might reach out to historical societies, forums, or e-mail lists for Texan genealogists. A Google search for Texas genealogy might turn up some you didn't know about. You may find other WikiTreers in these forums, or genealogists who would join WikiTree if there was a Texas project. Of course, you want to be respectful of the rules of these communities. Usually if you make clear that you're a genealogist with the same interests your message will be welcome.

Once you have five members, move on to question #6.

Question #6: Have you contacted Abby?

Contact Abby with the information you've gathered in the steps above, including:

  • Even though your idea wouldn't fit within an existing project, what are the closest related or similar projects?
  • What mission statement and task list do you have in mind? Just point her to the draft free-space project page if you've created one.
  • How many members are on board already?

Abby can then help you set up a top-level project page and get it properly categorized, choose a G2G tag, and get a badge. She may also help you coordinate with the Categorization Project to set up appropriate categories and talk about choosing a person from each project who helps in making decisions regarding categories that affect that project (Categorization calls them "project monitors") and the Template Project to create a profile box. Another important thing you will discuss is the development of an example profile for your project and the creation of project account.

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