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Profile Stickers are a type of Profile Box, i.e. feature boxes that are inserted on a profile using a special bit of "template" code like {{World War II}}.

Stickers are used for honoring a person or otherwise highlighting something that's deemed to be important about them. When used on members' own account profiles they can be used casually; you're encouraged to have fun with them and highlight anything you want other members and visitors to know about you. On ancestor profiles please abide by the agreed-upon style rules below.


How to Use Stickers

Here is an example:

[[Category:Halifax, Nova Scotia]]
[[Category:Fitchburg, Massachusetts]
== Biography ==
{{Migrating Ancestor
| origin = Canada
| destination = United States
| origin-flag = Flags.png
| destination-flag = Flags-1.png
Joe Schmoe moved from Nova Scotia to Massachusetts when he was a young man. ...

Flag of France
... ... ... migrated from France to Canada.
Flag of Canada
Flag of Oregon
Native Oregonian
Mining Emblem
... ... ... died in a copper mine explosion on 12 May 1854

Here are three examples of Stickers: Migrating Ancestor, Nonmigrating Ancestor, and Mining Disasters.

For Stickers related to military service, see Stickers for Veterans.

See Category:Stickers for the full selection.

Style Rules


The purpose of a Profile Sticker is to highlight an important fact about a person or honor an important achievement.

Profile Stickers support and decorate the biography. They are not intended to serve a unique functional purpose.

Rules on adding and removing

Profile Stickers can be placed on any profile on which they are appropriate by any contributor to the profile. In this context, "contributor" means anyone who is on the Trusted List and has been following changes or anyone who has been contributing to the profile.

They should not be placed by someone who does not actively follow the profile and who has not otherwise contributed to it, unless they communicate with the Profile Manager before or when the Sticker is placed.

Stickers can be removed by any contributor to the profile. They should not be added back without communicating with this contributor.

Stickers should not be included if any contributor does not want them there.

Maximum number per profile

There should be no more than five Profile Stickers on one profile. Three is better.

If more than five Profile Stickers are applicable, contributors to the profile need to decide which five represent the most important things to highlight about the person's life.

This limit does not apply to members' own account profiles. The number of Stickers a member can use on their own profile is entirely up to the member.

This limit does not include other Profile Boxes. That is, there could be five Stickers, a Project Box, two Research Note Boxes, etc.

Location on profiles

Profile Stickers go in the text section of the edit page below the Biography headline. There should be no extra hard returns above or below it, and no horizontal rules (----).

They are usually placed directly below the Biography headline, but they can be placed anywhere in the biography section, such as near where the information being highlighted is discussed.

They are usually grouped together but they can be spread out.

They should not be placed in or below the Sources section.

Creation and Editing

Profile Stickers can only be created by the Templates Project. They should not be created independently.

If you would like a new Sticker, whether or not you are a member of the Templates Project, propose it in G2G using the Stickers tag. Include your thoughts on what it would say and give examples of profiles you manage that you would place it on. If three or more other active members say that they would also use it on profiles they manage, and there aren't strong objections from the community, it can be created.

All Profile Stickers must adhere to the following.

Standard container

Profile Stickers must use the Sticker container. If a template does not use the Sticker container, it is not a Profile Sticker.

The container template allows us to create and easily maintain uniform dimensions and styling, including font, border, margins, etc. It also enables us to make Profile Stickers "responsive" so that they display well on mobile devices.

No custom styling should be done. No HTML or CSS is allowed.

Note that the Sticker container should never be used by itself. It is just a container for another template.


Profile Stickers can have no more than two thumbnail images (for shared images you can use for a sticker, see Category:Images). They will be displayed at 50 pixels wide. Ideally they should be square, i.e. 50x50. They can be slightly taller but should never exceed 75 pixels high.

They should not be animated.


Profile Stickers can do categorization, so that any profile with the sticker will be placed in a certain category or categories, but this is not necessary.


Profile Stickers should have one sentence of text or one very short paragraph. It should never exceed 175 characters. 100-150 characters is preferred.


  • {{Name}} was awarded the XYZ Medal.
  • {{Name}} migrated from Germany to England.

Profile Stickers, unlike Research Note Boxes, can be used to communicate information. That is, they can say something that is not said elsewhere in the biography. However, they usually highlight and summarize information that is discussed in more detail in the biography, with sources cited.

Template names

The name of the Sticker template should clearly communicate what it is used for. Acronyms should be avoided.


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