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What is a Sub-Project?

Sub-projects are less formal projects that fit within top-level projects. Some sub-projects may be very similar to top-level projects and have all the elements of a top-level project.

Project pages for sub-projects indicate the top-level project they fall under. They will also appear nested under other projects on the projects list. For example, England is a sub-project of the United Kingdom Project.

Sub-projects don't need to be led by a member with the formal Project Leader status. In these cases the project leader is called a Project Coordinator and the leader of the higher-level project helps with:

Starting a sub-project can be simple but should be discussed with Project Leaders and Project Coordinators to determine if a sub-project is the right approach or if a project team would work better. See Starting a Project.

Sub-Projects vs. Project Teams

As of 2019, we are transitioning some sub-projects into project teams. However, not all sub-projects will change to teams.

Sub-projects may be broader than teams but still be nested within a higher-level project. For example, an Asia Project might have a China sub-project, and the China sub-project might have teams for Hainan Province, Fujian Province, etc.

Sub-projects can manage profiles using Project Accounts and Project Boxes. Teams cannot have unique Project Accounts and Project Boxes. If a team is managing profiles, it is doing so on behalf of the larger project.

See the Project FAQ for more about the differences between projects, sub-projects, project teams and free-space projects.

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