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The Super Star badge honors extraordinary levels of participation in the community. Unlike the Family Star and the Community Star, the Super Star can only be awarded by our WikiTree Leaders, and they do not award many of them.

Why to Award a Super Star   superstar.gif

The motivations for the award are individual to the Leader awarding it, and should be explained in the comment that goes with the award.

The motive may include:

  • Extremely generous, frequent, and helpful answers in G2G.
  • Taking initiative and completing an important special project.
  • Outstanding contributions in an ongoing project.
  • Large numbers of very high-quality contributions on deep genealogy, especially to help others with their ancestors.

These stars help show the rest of the WikiTree community our shining members-the ones who go above and beyond in their actions to better the experience for other users and to further the ideals of WikiTree.

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