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The Surname Spotlight Challenge focuses on new surnames each month. Members work together to see much collaboration and improvement we can make happen on that month's surnames.


How It Works

The first Sunday of the month, we'll post the surnames we're featuring in a G2G post with links to those surnames' One Name Study pages. Participants can work on anything related to that surname they can find on WikiTree, with an emphasis on sourcing, connecting, correcting errors, and writing biographies.

How to Participate

You can participate in any Surname Spotlight; it doesn't have to be one of your own family names.

For example, if the surnames for that week are Brown, Smith, Anderson, and Jones, you might choose to join in by doing any of the four options below. You need only mention in G2G on the challenge post that you're joining in and which surname team you're collaborating with. Contributions will be tracked using the WikiTree+ status update system:

You can:

  • Source some Jones. Profiles always needing sourcing. Focus your efforts on the Unsourced Jones for that month. Each profile you move from Unsourced to Sourced with good sources grabs you 1 point. They can also be counted for the month's Sourcerers Challenge.
  • Correct some Jones errors. Errors are easy to find now with our Database Errors project's various reports. Each error you correct for that surname nets you 1 point. Depending on the Data Docctor's Challenge that week, those might count there, as well.
  • Connect some Jones. WikiTree has plenty of unconnected branches, and focusing on one surname might connect a lot of folks at once, or may help you or another member break down a Jones brickwall. Each profile that already existed on WikiTree from that surname that you connect grabs you 1 point. You'll need to tally these manually in the G2G thread. They will also count in the Connectors Challenge.
  • Build a Jones Biography. Is writing biographies and adding images your thing? Find Jones profiles that need some TLC and write a biography for them. These are great to then share on social media to attract other Jones family and to show off your mad skills. Each biography built out to Biography Builder guidelines nets 5 points. Depending on the theme, these may also count in the Biography Builders Challenge. If take the time to make the profile Genealogically Defined, that will net you 10 points.


The winners each month will be the members of the team with the most points accumulated during the month for that surname. We'll award either a badge or template to the winning team members, as well as the One Name Study page for that surname.

More Ways to Collaborate with Surnames

Whether the surname is still being featured or not, there are a lot of ways to collaborate with other researchers interested in surnames on WikiTree. You might consider:

  • Going to the Jones One Name Study free-space page to see what's been happening with Jones research on WikiTree. Say hi! Share your Jones family connection. Add something about Jones history and research to the page.
  • Head up a Jones Challenge Team. Did you enjoy working with those other Jones? Consider putting together a permanent Team Jones that could work together on various challenges and Thons at WikiTree. You might even think about helping coordinate things on the Jones surname thread for that month.
  • Look at the Jones genealogy page to see who is following the Jones tag. Comment on their page or send them a message to see if they'd like to come collaborate on Jones genealogy with you-the surname project, this challenge, or something new.
  • Look at your Jones family (if you have any) and see if any new DNA matches have appeared and check your results with theirs to possibly ID new cousins.


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