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Here are the steps to take if you'd like to suspend or limit your activity on WikiTree but aren't sure you want to permanently close your account.

Remove Yourself from Public Profiles

1.) Click here to remove yourself from Trusted Lists of Public and Open profiles, thereby clearing your Watchlist.

If you prefer to stay on Trusted Lists and hear about changes to profiles but not receive posted comments, merge requests, etc., just remove yourself as the Profile Manager instead.

You won't be able to remove yourself from Unlisted and Private profiles of living family members unless there is another close family member who can manage them, but there is not likely to be much activity on these profiles.

For more information see Help:Reducing the Size of Your Watchlist.

Limit Your Email

2.) Click here to adjust your email settings.

If you prefer to hear about changes to profiles, birthdays, etc., remove yourself from the daily Wiki Genealogist Feed update but not the weekly Family Activity Feed.

Add a Message to Your Profile

3.) Click here to add a message to your profile. Tell others you won't be available.

Here is an example:

'''Away from WikiTree''': I am not using WikiTree this year for personal reasons. Please do not try to contact me unless it's urgent. Thank you!

You can also add the "Absent" sticker by putting {{Absent}} in the text.

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