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See Tags for the basic usage guidelines. This is a page for Leaders and others who are establishing new tags for projects, locations, or other topics.

Choosing Tags for Projects

  • It's great if the project tag can be an exact match for the project name, but that's not always practical.
  • We aim for the most intuitive and easy-to-use tags for the greatest number of members. This means that there may not be consistent or universally-applicable rules. For example, LONDON should be used for London, England. We don't need to use LONDON_ENGLAND as the tag just because there are other cities named London. PRESIDENTS is used for the US Presidents Project even though many other countries and organizations have presidents.
  • Projects can and should use tags that members are using independently of the project. The goal isn't to set project content apart. WikiTree content on a subject covered by a project is project content. For example, if members start using the tag ITALIAN and there is a new Italian Roots Project, it would make more sense for the project to use ITALIAN than ITALIAN_ROOTS unless the distinction really needs to be made.
  • Tags should be as short as possible. Unlike with categories, it's OK for simplicity to trump clarity, especially for project tags. For example, PGM rather than PURITAN_GREAT_MIGRATION.
  • When referring to a group of members we use the plural, e.g. ARBORISTS instead of ARBORIST.
  • Regional projects generally use a simple version of the region's name.
  • One name studies should always use the surname itself as their tag.

Examples of Project Tags

Here are some examples of existing project tags.

The G2G Tag-Talk page includes a list of project-designated tags. When tag designations are changed, please notify the maintainers of that page.

Tag Alternates

Projects also use tag alternates and these should be listed on the project home page along with the official tag.

Alternates are used to redirect interested members to the standard version of the tag. For example:

  • Canadian History Project tag alternates are CANADA_HISTORY and CANADA.
  • Clark Name Study tag alternates are CLARKE and CLEARK. (If separate projects are ever started for Clarke or Cleark, they'll be moved.)

See Project Pages: Adding Redirects for Project Tag Alternates.

If you have a question about selecting or using tags, ask in G2G and use the tag TAGS.

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