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A Team Leader leads a team in a project. They usually work with a Project Coordinator.


Being a Team Leader is all about communication, collaboration and coordination.

Team Leaders may do things such as:

  • Work with Project Leaders and Project Coordinators to formulate the goals for their team.
  • Lead the members of their team toward their goals.
  • Help identify future Team Leaders.
  • Provide updates on how the team is progressing.
  • Make sure that Project Leaders are aware of project members' issues and concerns.

How Team Leaders are Chosen

Team Leaders are chosen by the Leaders of the projects they are involved in. They can volunteer to help or a Project Leader might approach them about taking on the role.

Team Leaders should be in good standing in the WikiTree community. Leaders should check the mentoring archives before giving someone the Team Leader role and badge. Having notes there does not necessarily prevent someone from being a Team Leader, but should be considered.

How the Badge is Removed

If a Team Leader is being mentored, their Team Leader badge will be removed until the mentoring is concluded.

In addition, if a Team Leader cannot be reached for more than two weeks, their badge may be removed. Once communication is resolved, the badge may be returned.

Current Team Leaders

See the badge page.

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