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Templates are a special part of wikis. We use them on WikiTree to insert feature boxes on profiles and do some special formatting.

For example, Template:Mayflower Passenger is used on all profiles of Mayflower passengers. It displays a picture of the Mayflower, and guides the reader to the Mayflower Project. All this can be displayed on a profile with just the text {{Mayflower Passenger}}.

To experiment with one, try putting {{Unsourced}} above the == Biography == headline on a profile's edit page and preview the changes.


Research Note Boxes

Research Note Boxes draw attention to an important note about current genealogical research or WikiTree-specific work that's needed.

See Research Note Boxes.


Stickers highlight something that's deemed to be important about the person. Some members use Stickers on their own account profiles to tell other members about themselves.

See Stickers.

Project Boxes

Project Boxes indicate that a profile is part of a project.

See Project Boxes.

Other Templates for Advanced Members

The following is for advanced WikiTreers.

Our community develops new templates collaboratively and adopts rules on their usage. See Template Guidelines for the basic style rules.

Research Note Boxes, Stickers, and Project Boxes have gone through this formal process and are officially recommended.

All other templates are not officially recommended and may not always be fully supported in their current form. However, the types that say "Approved" below are likely to be supported. The ones that say "Limited" and all others should be used with caution.

Note that templates in you find in template categories cannot be considered officially recommended since any member can categorize any page.

Navigation Profile Boxes (Approved)

  • Succession box - Used to display a person's title, the years they held it, and their predecessor and successor.

Category Templates (Approved)

These are for category pages only. See Category:Category Templates.

Formatting Templates (Approved)

These are for formatting text inside a profile or otherwise changing the display. These are generally approved, but their exact formatting is subject to change. For example, we may change the tone of red that {{Red}} displays. We may also later develop style rules on when and how to use them.

External Link Templates (Limited)

See Help:Link Templates.

Source Templates (Limited)

Source Templates are not currently recommended. See Category:Source Templates for those that have been used.

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