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WikiTree has a form for easily creating to-do lists from your Watchlist.


Creating a List

To create a To-Do List page, click here.

For help using the "Watchlist Picker" table for selecting from your Watchlist, click here.

Managing a List

The list that's created is a Free-Space Profile. This means it can be managed like any other WikiTree profile.

It will appear on your Free-Space Watchlist. You'll be the Profile Manager. It has a Trusted List and a Privacy Level. It has its own Activity Feed and changes will appear in the feeds of those on the Trusted List.


To-do lists are Open by default and they're listed publicly in Category:To-Do Lists. We also recommend that you add a link to your to-do list from the top of your profile, for others to see. This is to encourage collaboration and sharing, so that your family members and WikiTree friends can see what you're working on.

A Public or Open privacy level also enables a to-do list to be used for non-personal or collaborative tasks, such as when project members are working together to get something done.

The names inserted by the Watchlist Picker are privacy-controlled. Private profiles will appear with Preferred First Names and Middle Initials instead of full First Names and Middle Names, and will not have birth dates.

Categorization and surname tags

By default, to-do lists are included in Category:To-Do Lists. You can remove or change the categorization at any time.

Also, the default is to associate a to-do list with your surname. This links it from the surname index page. Other members with your surname might be interested to see what you're working on.

Editing a list

As you'll see, to-do lists are created as wiki tables. There's a row for each person and columns for Name, Birth, and Notes.

You may want to use the Notes field for marking when a profile is finished or making notes on what you plan to do with it. For example, you might change "to-do" to "add sources" or "done".

Adding and Removing Lists

You can start a new list at any time and you can add as many as you want.

You might consider naming them in different ways. For example, you might name one "Brickwalls" and another "Profiles to Clean-Up" or "Profiles that Need Sources".

There isn't much harm in leaving a list live after you've worked through it. The history of changes may be relevant to you in the future. Or you may take pride in seeing a clean column of "done" items. However, you can use Special:Delete to remove the list if nobody else has edited it or is on the Trusted List.

Merging into a new list

If you have replaced an old To-Do List with a new one, you may want to merge them. This way you'll always have a way to track down the history of changes and the old URL will redirect to the new one.

Here's the form for merging free-space profiles.

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