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WikiTree's user interface is in English, but WikiTree+ has a system for translating help pages.

To add another language for translation, contact AleŇ°.



Translation program help

There are 3 levels of program.

Language selection

Language selection.

This is the top level, where you select the language. Slovenian is there just for testing, so you can try something on that language.

There is also Search capability, that returns the list of all instances of certain word in english help pages.

Page selection

Page selection.


Translating page.

Similar texts

Similar texts.

Search results

Search results.

Translation Instructions

When translating texts on WikiTree+, it is done by paragraphs. That enables retranslating only the parts of the page if only some part of original change.

Each page had 3 additional texts at the beginning.

  1. PAGENAME + Notes: This is not included in the created pages. It is just to write some notes for future translators.
  2. PAGENAME + Translator: This is included in the translation navigator. Kind of copyright notice.
  3. PAGENAME: This is an important one. It represents the page name and is hard to change after the page is created. Try to get it correctly the first time. If you need to change it, let me (AleŇ°) know to adjust the page name in the database.

On each translation, you must be careful about Wiki Formatting. It must remain identical as in source text.

  • Captions: number of = signs on the beginning and the end must remain the same.
    • == English Caption ==
    • == Translated Caption ==
  • Captions: Guideline is that level 2 == sections should use "Title Case", while level 3 === should use "Sentence case."
    • == English Caption ==
    • == Translated Caption ==
    • === English sentence. ===
    • === Translated sentence. ===
  • Leading indents: number of : signs on the beginning of the text must remain the same.
    • :Text
    • :Translated Text
  • Leading bullets: number of * signs on the beginning of the text must remain the same.
    • *Text
    • *Translated Text
  • Bold text: number of tripple ' pairs in the paragraph must remain the same.
    • Normal1 '''Bold''' Normal2
    • Translated1 '''Translated Bold''' Translated 2
  • Italic text: number of double single ' pairs in the paragraph must remain the same.
    • Normal1 ''Italic'' Normal2
    • Translated1 ''Translated Italic'' Translated 2
  • Links: The page of the link shouldn't be changed. but you must translate the text after the pipe | character. The page link will be changed to appropriate translation of the page when available.
    • [[Page|text]]
    • [[Page|Translated text]]
  • HTML tags: HTML tags shouldn't be translated or changed in any way.
    • <div class...>
    • <div class...>
  • Templates: No clear instructions on this yet. It depends on the template.
    • {{Template|text}}
    • {{Template|text}}
  • WikiTree capitalisation: You should be careful about WikiTree capitalisation. W and T is always in upper case.


Following are texts, that needs to be translated for navigation menu.



This is an unofficial translation. The English-language versions are the official help pages.


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