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Tree Apps are an interconnected set of genealogy applications created and managed by volunteer community members.


How to Find Tree Apps

If you are logged-in and on a person's Trusted List, or their tree is public, a "Tree Apps" tab will appear on their profile and in the person pull-down menu at the top of any of their person-related pages.

Once on the Tree Apps page, to navigate between apps:

  • click the TREE APP selector,
  • choose an app,
  • click GO.

How to Find the Basic Pedigree Chart

WikiTree's traditional pedigree chart view appears if you click the ANCESTORS button on a person profile next to their parents' names, or choose "Family Tree" on the person pull-down menu.

How to Use Tree Apps

Since apps are created by different developers, the user interface will be slightly different for each and there may be separate help pages.

Here is how to use the default app, called the Dynamic Tree.

Expanding Generations: A plus sign will appear to the right of a name if there are parents. Clicking the plus sign will make them appear. A plus sign always appears to the left of a name. Clicking the plus sign will make the children appear, if there are any. If there are none, the plus sign will disappear.

Navigating the Tree: If you're using a traditional mouse you can click anywhere inside the tree, and then drag the tree to the left or right, or up or down. To zoom in or out, use the mouse wheel.

Viewing Additional Information: If you click on a person in the tree you'll see a pop-up that includes more information, if available. Clicking on the name in the pop-up will open their profile. Clicking the tree icon in the pop-up re-centers the tree view on them.

Changing the Starting Person

Tree Apps start from a single WikiTree person profile, e.g. the Fan Chart has one person at its center. With most apps, you can change the starting person from within the app as you navigate from one family member to another.

You can manually re-center Tree Apps by entering a new WikiTree ID, e.g. Franklin-1, in the navigation form at the top of the page and clicking "GO."

IDs can be copied and pasted using the copy.png icon on profiles. See Help:WikiTree ID.

How to Contribute to Tree Apps

If you have a suggestion or question, post in G2G using the tag WT_Apps.

If you have technical skills, we would love to have your help improving existing apps or creating new ones. See Help:Developers.

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