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Here's how to remove members from a Trusted List or reduce the size of your own Watchlist.


Removing yourself from one Trusted List

If you don't care about a particular profile you can remove yourself by selecting the Privacy tab and the clicking the "Remove Yourself" button in Trusted List section.

Removing yourself from many Trusted Lists

You may decide to lighten your Watchlist to make it more manageable.

Click here for the Bulk Trusted List Changes tool.

See also: Reducing the size of your Watchlist.

Removing someone else from one Trusted List

If you're the Profile Manager you can remove other people by clicking on the Privacy tab and then checking their name in the Trusted List.

Removing someone else from many Trusted Lists

Click here for the Bulk Trusted List Changes tool.

Removing the last person on a Trusted List

It is OK to "orphan" a Public or Open profile. You can remove the last person in the same way you remove anyone else.

Orphaning a Private profile is different. That would leave the profile unprotected. Therefore, the system will prohibit you from removing the last person. By the nature of how this works we know the last person is you. We can think of three reasons why you would want to remove yourself:

First, you may have decided that another WikiTreer should have access to this person but you should not. If so, add the other person, set them as the manager, and then remove yourself.

Second, you have created this page unintentionally or they're a duplicate, i.e. there are two person profiles and you want to remove one of them. If so, do a merge.

Third, you have decided to stop using WikiTree and there are no other family members willing to protect the private family information here. In this case, you will need to delete.

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