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Unmarried parents are not a problem on WikiTree.

Parents Don't Need to be Married

There's nothing on WikiTree that requires the father and mother of a person to be married. Marriages and parent-child relationships are recorded separately.

There can be some confusion about this because WikiTree enables you to create a marriage and a parent-child relationship at the same time. For example, if you are adding a mother and there is an existing father, the form will have a checkbox that says "check here if X is the spouse of Y's father." Make sure this box is unchecked.

If a marriage has incorrectly been recorded, click to the edit page of one of the spouses. Look in the right column under Edit Family for the spouses section. Then click "[add/remove a spouse]".

Explaining Unmarried Couples

Non-marital relationships may be just as significant as marriages, but they are not as easily defined in fixed database fields. You may want to explain serious unmarried relationships in the text section of profiles.

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