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Profile Managers who can't be contacted

If a Profile Manager explicitly refuses to collaborate, start at Problems with Members.

What if they just won't reply? What if you don't get any response to your Trusted List requests or Private Messages, and there is no message on their profile explaining that they are away temporarily?

They may not be intentionally unresponsive.

  • Sometimes a member changes their e-mail address and forgets to update their account here.
  • Sometimes e-mail messages get caught in spam filters.
  • Sadly, some WikiTree members have passed away.

Regardless of the reason, unresponsive Profile Managers are a major problem for our collaborative family tree project.


Merge Proposals

If a manager won't reply to a merge request, you don't need to do anything if the profiles are Open.

After one month, a merge proposal that has not been addressed is considered approved by default. Check your Pending Merges to see if the merge is ready to be completed.

Open and Public Profiles

If the manager of an Open or Public profile is consistently unresponsive (to more than just merge proposals, see above) click the Unresponsive Profile Manager Request Form link in the Contact section of the Tree & Tools page of the profile.

Tree and Tools Tab

When you submit an Unresponsive Profile Manager request, you will be asked to confirm that you've done all of the following:

  1. Sent a Trusted List request.
  2. Sent the manager a Private Message (a direct e-mail message is even better if you have their address).
  3. Posted a comment on the manager's profile.

If you have not heard back on any of these for seven days, then check their Contributions list.

If they have not made any contributions for over 60 days[1] WikiTree will send them a personal e-mail message and then wait another seven days. If after a week they have not replied to us, WikiTree will orphan the requested profile or profiles so that they can be adopted or merged.

If they've made recent contributions but are not replying to any of your messages, be sure to include links to the Collaboration page and Honor Code in one of your messages to the manager, like you would do with Profile Managers who refuse to merge. If you've done this and they still don't reply, click the Unresponsive Profile Manager Request Form. We can put a temporary block on their account. At the time we do the block WikiTree will send them a personal e-mail message and post a message on their profile saying that we need to get in touch with them and that they should e-mail us. This will usually generate a reply. If it doesn't, we will wait 30 days and then orphan all the Open and Public profiles that they were managing.

Using the Unresponsive Profile Manager form is not a substitute for making your own attempts at contacting a Profile Manager, so please make sure you have followed the steps outlined above before submitting a request. You can use the comments box to note any extra information. You also do not need to submit extra requests for other profiles managed by a particular manager. You can use the comments box on a request form to note that you need access to other profiles.

Private Profiles

Private and Unlisted profiles of modern people present a different problem. We cannot allow them to be adopted by anyone who isn't already on the Trusted List.

If you are trying to add a modern family member and discover that one of your relatives has already added them, make sure you do all the following:

  1. Propose a merge or send a Trusted List request.
  2. Send a Private Message to the manager (an e-mail message is better if you have their address). This is important because Trusted List requests can get caught in spam filters.
  3. Post a comment on the manager's profile.

If you have not heard back on any of these for seven days, feel free to create the duplicate profile or family line.

At the same time, check the member's Contributions list. If it has been more than six months since their last contribution, click the link for the Unresponsive Profile Manager form on the main profile page (a small text link in the box with Trusted List information). When we receive your request through this form, WikiTree will try to e-mail them. If they don't reply for seven days, we will orphan all Public and Open profiles they were managing and delete all Private and Unlisted profiles unless there is someone else on the Trusted List, or extenuating circumstances.

If you plan to be away from WikiTree

If you will be away from WikiTree for an extended period of time (e.g. for medical reasons, travel, or other special circumstances) please post a message at the top of your profile.

We recommend a section like this before your Biography:

== Notice ==
I will be traveling for an extended period of time, returning about XX. I may not be responsive to messages and requests but I do plan to return to WikiTree as soon as possible. Please be patient. Thanks!

or you can use:

{{Template:Absent|Start Date|Comment}}
Example: {{Template:Absent|1 Sep 2014|On sabbatical for about 2 months}}

Make sure that your profile is set to "Private with a Public Biography" so that others can see this message. If you don't want your biography to be public, put the message in a public comment on your profile instead.

You might also want to remove yourself as Profile Manager on some profiles.

If you can't handle the volume of WikiTree requests you get

It's natural for a member's interest and activity level on WikiTree to wax and wane. Sometimes a member finds that they don't have time to keep up with all the merge proposals, Trusted List requests, and Private Messages they receive. This is especially common if they have taken on a lot of responsibility by managing hundreds or even thousands of profiles of deep ancestors that many people share.

At some point you may need to lighten your load. To do so, use the bulk manager changes tool to remove yourself as the manager of Public and Open profiles. Even though we call this "orphaning" it's not a bad thing. It enables others to step up and take responsibility by adopting the profiles.

If you only remove yourself as the manager of these profiles, you'll still be on the Trusted List and will hear about changes, have full editing rights, etc. You just won't be the one getting all the requests. If you don't want to hear about updates and remove yourself completely, use the bulk Trusted List changes tool instead.

See Reducing the size of your Watchlist for more information. See Closing an Account if you want to end your participation entirely.

If you have comments or questions about this policy, please post in G2G.

  1. Arborists and Supervisors can request intervention after 30 days.
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