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You cannot upload a document to WikiTree, such as a Microsoft Word file. You can only upload Adobe PDF files or images (in GIF, JPG, or PNG format).

However, it's easy to link to a document that's elsewhere on the web, or to convert a document to an image or PDF for uploading.

Links to Documents

If you have other sorts of documents (Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheets, etc.) you could consider uploading them to one of the many websites that offer free file storage. Some are crowded with advertising and push premier paid memberships on you but Google Documents is a fairly good free one.

Once you have a document on Google or elsewhere on the web it's easy to add a link from a person's biography or any other wiki description space. Simply enclose the URL inside brackets like this: [].

Click here for more on adding links.

Converting to Images or PDF

Most documents can be scanned to create a digital image. If you don't have your own scanner, you could take a digital photo of it. Once you have the image, upload it to a profile as if it were a photo.

We recommend, for best viewing, that the photo by at least 500 pixels wide.

Another option is to convert the document to a PDF. This is an option in most document editing software under "save as".

You can also use a third-party tool for conversions. WikiTree member T. Counce recommends "you can pretty much turn any document into a .pdf file with their Word and Impress (Presentation) apps... and it is totally free and they come out awesomely."

If you have any questions, ask the community in G2G.

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