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There are three types of members on WikiTree.

  1. Wiki Genealogists: The volunteers who are helping to grow our free, increasingly-accurate, collaborative family tree.
  2. Family Members of these genealogists who get to enjoy the fruits of the tree without really contributing to it.
  3. Guest Members who are just checking things out.

How to Volunteer   volunteer.gif

First register as a Guest Member. Then you'll need to confirm your e-mail address.

Next you'll see a form on your Navigation Home Page that invites you to volunteer to become a full member. Volunteering means that you want to collaborate on our shared family tree and plan to abide by our Honor Code.

The volunteer form invites you to add one or more topic tags for surnames, locations, or projects that interest you, and to comment on your interest. These comments are a way for you to introduce yourself to other WikiTreers who share the same genealogical interests.

Don't fret too much about picking the right tags. You could just enter a surname or two. The tags can be edited at any time.

Also don't worry too much about the comments explaining your interest. If you're new to genealogy, for example, you can just say that. It's good to say that you're interested in collaborating with other genealogists, since that's what WikiTree is all about.

Tag comments appear for others who are following the tag, on your profile, and on the feed of new volunteers that's monitored by WikiTree "Greeters" — friendly members who have taken it upon themselves to welcome others.

A Greeter will usually confirm you soon after you volunteer. You can then sign the Honor Code and contribute as a full member of our community. (Thank you!)

Why do you have to "volunteer"? Why can't you just get started adding family?

Everything on WikiTree is free. But WikiTree members enjoy benefits that cost money on other websites — unlimited family profiles, unlimited photos, unlimited private family web pages, etc.

In WikiTree's early years (we were founded in 2008) anyone could join and immediately get started. This led to serious problems. Many people were taking advantage of the free services but didn't care about the mission to create one shared tree. Many weren't serious about genealogy, didn't appreciate the importance of sources, or weren't interested in collaboration. This hurt the community in many ways and made it expensive to operate.

In order to always remain free and guarantee WikiTree's future we decided to limit full membership to those who want to help connect the human family on one free, genealogically-correct tree, and who plan to abide by the Honor Code.

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