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Some WikiTree forms, most especially the one for To-Do Lists, make it easy to create sub-lists from your Watchlist on new Free-Space Profiles. Here's more about how to use the table for selecting from your Watchlist.


Feel Free to Experiment!

Don't be afraid to learn how to use the Watchlist Picker by playing with it.

Select a few names and click the "Add List Items" button. You will see how it adds the list items inside the text editing box above it. If you click it again, it will add the list again. If you delete what's been added you can start over. You can also start over by refreshing the page.

Nothing is saved until you click the "Create Page" button at the very bottom. After creation, the page can be edited just like any other Free-Space Profile.

Selecting Items

You select an item by checking the box in the second-to-last column on the right.

Auto-selecting ancestors or descendants

You can easily select all a person's ancestors or descendants by clicking the icons in the last column on the right.

Select or de-select all items

In the lower-left of the table you'll see the words "All" and "None". Click these to have all the names on the list checked, or to remove all the checks.

Resorting the Table

The table can be resorted by WikiTree ID, Last Name, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, or date of Last Edit. Do this by clicking the word "Last Name" etc. at the top of the column.

The order you see will be the order in which the list is created.

After the creation of a to-do list the viewing user can resort the table by Name or Birth Date.

Navigating and Searching

At the bottom of the table you'll see arrows pointing left and right like this: << and >>. You can use these to page forward or backward through the list. The |< and >| links bring you to first or last page.

If you enter a number in the field between the arrows, you can jump directly to that page number.

If you pull-down the menu to the right of the arrows you can view more or less items per page.

If you click the small magnifying glass icon in the lower-left of the table you can search for a particular item.

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