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These are instructions for WikiTree Team Members to follow. If you know someone has passed away and you need help, contact the team at See Death of a Member for more information.


Step 1: Check Profile

If the user does not have a DNA test attached to their profile, and no family or friends have asked to manage their watchlist profiles, use Special:CloseAccount to close their account. Choose to "Preserve" their account. Skip to the last step once you've initiated that process.

If the user has DNA attached to their profile or someone has requested to manage the profiles on their watchlist, move to the next step.

Step 2: Transfer Management

If we have contact with a family member, ask them if they would be willing to become the Profile Manager of the profiles that the late user was managing. You can check the Trusted List for the late user's profile to see if they have active family on WikiTree.

If you have someone, go to Special:ManagerChanges. Enter the late user's ID to act as them. Then select the "replace yourself" option. On the next page enter the e-mail address of the family member. Select all the profiles and proceed.

After you have transferred management, remove the late user from all Trusted Lists using Special:TrustedListChanges. Enter the late user's ID to act as them. Select the "remove" option. Enter the late user's e-mail address. Select all profiles and proceed.

If you don't have someone to manage the late user's profiles and a DNA test is attached, we need to delete the private profiles. See Docs:Clearing a Watchlist.

Step 3: Confirm Empty Watchlist

Make sure that the Watchlist is empty.

Step 4: Deactivate Account Profile

Make sure that their profile has a status indicator by the death date to indicate the person is non-living (anything selected other than "still living").

Also remove the e-mail address.

Add the {{Memoriam}} and {{Closed Account}} templates in the biography.

Then save the changes and confirm that they saved correctly.

Make sure Closed Accounts WikiTree WikiTree-45 is now manager of the profile.

Add the user to Help:Memorials.

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