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Here's what to do if a member sincerely wants to participate on WikiTree but can't respond to other members in a timely manner.

What you do depends on whether this is temporary or permanent.

Temporary Issues

If a member has temporary health issues, will be traveling, etc., simply recommend that they put a message on their profile explaining this. You can point them to the bottom of the Unresponsive Profile Managers page for an example.

If it will be more than two months, recommend that they reduce the number of profiles they are managing. They won't be able to easily become the manager again, but they can stay on the Trusted Lists.

Here are instructions you can give them:

To remove yourself as the manager of public profiles but leave yourself as the manager of private profiles, go to Special:ManagerChanges and choose the "Remove" option. Enter your own e-mail address on the next page. Then use "select all" to check every name on the list. You can include the private profiles if you don't mind removing yourself if there is already another manager. You'll automatically be removed as the manager from all public profiles and any private profiles when there's another manager.
If you know someone who will take over management of some profiles, use the "Replace" option on the ManagerChanges form instead.
The ManagerChanges form won't remove you from the Trusted Lists of the profiles. It won't change your Watchlist. You'll still get Activity Feed updates and be able to edit them all. If you want to remove yourself entirely, go to Special:TrustedListChanges instead of ManagerChanges, unless you want to replace yourself with another manager.

Permanent Communication Problems

Some members can't effectively or efficiently communicate with other members. Perhaps they don't check their e-mail very often. This is an insurmountable problem since merge proposals, Private Messages, weekly updates, etc. all come via e-mail.

Politely e-mail the member and explain that unfortunately using e-mail is essential to collaboration on WikiTree, and WikiTree is all about collaboration. Point them to the Honor Code, mission statement, etc.

In your message, tell the member that this is what we plan to do:

1.) We will remove you as the manager of all public and open profiles, i.e. the ones that don't directly relate to living family members, where privacy is not so critical.
2.) We'll leave you as the manager of the private profiles for modern family members. This way you'll be able to protect their privacy. The collaboration obstacles aren't as big a deal here because they're shared by fewer people and they're likely to be close family members who can communicate with you offline.
3.) We'll put a note on your profile so that other WikiTreer members know the situation, i.e. that you can't easily be reached but that you're still a member who wants to participate. This is important because your name will still be in the history of who made additions and changes to the profiles. Cousins may come along and want to know what happened.

Put a note on your calendar to do the steps above in a couple days. If they reply, what exactly you do may change. If they don't reply, just do it.

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