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Here are questions and answers about WikiTree widgets for bloggers.


What is a Widget?

On the Internet, a "widget" is a little app or window that can be put inside your own web page or blog ("embedded") to display live content from another website or source.

For example, there are widgets for displaying stock market tickers, the current weather, Twitter feeds, etc.

What is a WikiTree Widget?

You're gonna love this. There are two types of WikiTree Widgets:

1.) First are the Contributions Widgets. These are dynamic badges that show what you're working on at WikiTree. They're perfect for sidebars on blogs or family genealogy sites.

To see a live example click to your Navigation Home Page. Then to see all the options, personalized for you, click the link that says "Contributions Widgets for [Your Name]".

2.) Even more exciting are the Family Tree Widgets. These enable you to display a dynamic family tree anywhere. They're perfect for blog posts about an ancestor or family.

To see the family tree widgets for any individual (with a public family tree), click the widget icon widget.gif located on the "Family Tree & Tools" Tab, in the section labeled WikiTree Tools.

Will WikiTree Widgets reveal private information?

Widgets are carefully-designed to follow the same Privacy Rules as the rest of WikiTree.

For Contributions Widgets:

The activity feed items in widgets are public, but just the feed items themselves. The feed items are written in such a way that they're meant to be descriptive but not revealing. For example, "Thomas Jefferson edited the Birth Date for Ben Franklin."

Activity feed items may contain thumbnails of private images. These tiny 75-pixel images are all that the public can see.

If you click on a feed item to view a photo or the details of a change, e.g. the Birth Date for Ben Franklin, if the profile is Private you will be redirected to the public version of it, unless you are logged-in to WikiTree and on the Trusted List.

One thing that can be confusing is that you may still be logged-in to WikiTree even though you are viewing the widget somewhere else. So, if you click on a link in the widget you're taken to the private version of whatever it is on WikiTree, not what others would see.

For Family Tree Widgets:

Family Tree Widgets only work for profiles with a Privacy Level of "Private with Public Family Tree" or higher.

If an individual's tree is public but the profile of a parent or grandparent is private, the widget will display something like [private mother].

Try them. Experiment! What You See is What You Get.

How do you add a widget to your blog?

See Installing widgets for step-by-step instructions for Blogger and WordPress. E-mail us if you need any additional help.

What if you don't have a blog or website?

Use a shareable.gif Wikid Shareable Tree or Shareable Tree Image . You can share them anywhere! Share them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, e-mail ...

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