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A WikiTree ID is a unique identifier for a profile on WikiTree, such as Franklin-1 or Tudor-4.

Finding IDs

IDs appear:

Copying IDs

You frequently need to copy a WikiTree ID in order to paste it into a form to add a family member, or to create a link from within a biography, e.g. "His father was [[Franklin-1|Ben Franklin]]."

Look for this icon copy.png on profiles and edit pages, inside profile previews, and on your Watchlist.

Clicking this icon will copy the WikiTree ID to your clipboard. You can then paste it elsewhere.

How IDs are Assigned

The ID for a Person Profile combines the person's Last Name at Birth with a number. The numbers are assigned in the order that people with that last name are added to WikiTree. For example, the first Franklin added to WikiTree was assigned the ID Franklin-1.

The ID for a Free-Space Profile — for the significant places, pets, events, homes, and other things in your history — is simply the prefix "Space:" and the title you've given the page. For example: Space:Fitchburg High School.

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