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Here are tips for using WikiTree X on FamilySearch.

I found the following process to clean up profiles with no data very useful and user friendly.

It feels more user friendly than opening the edit page and copying source citations from Family Search to WikiTree. Effectively it is the same thing but this feels more connected and smoother. You can also link the profiles first before you get started.

  1. Run Error Report Tool from WikiTree dropdown menu on your profile.
  2. Find profiles with Error 803 Almost empty profile.
  3. Find the matching profile on Family Search and spend time there updating the profile.
  4. Run WikiTree X from the Chrome plugin on the Family Search profile.
  5. Update the WikiTree profile in WikiTree X merge box as appropriate, including copying and pasting source citations in the edit box provided.
  6. Open profile in WikiTree and edit as appropriate.

While not quite as slick as directly adding sources as you would in Family Search, this process is not bad and enables WikiTree to better make use of Family Searches databases and source citations. It is almost like replacing FamilySearch's crippled One World Tree with WikiTree's vastly superior tree.

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