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The WikiTree community is dedicated to creating a single family tree for all of humanity. We have some pretty awesome, scholarly genealogists contributing to this project.

WikiTree is also a place for families to share their family history. That's what makes it so special. WikiTree enables us to connect living people with deep ancestry, all in one entirely free and user-friendly environment. There's nothing else like it.

Still, WikiTree isn't trying to be all things to all people. Here are the top three reasons you might want to share WikiTree with your family.

1. You're not just a genealogist, you're the family historian.

In casual usage, family history and genealogy are often used as synonyms.

There is a subtle distinction. Family history is about people's lives and relationships. Genealogy is more strictly about who's descended from whom.

WikiTree profiles are ideally suited for showcasing the richness of people's lives, with biographies, personal memories, and photographs.

Our advanced Privacy Levels enable you to feel comfortable creating rich profiles for living people, not just distant ancestors.

2. Privacy matters.

Families are like overlapping circles. Many websites, if they have any privacy controls at all, treat families like boxes. If you're inside the box you can see everything. If you're outside the box you can't see anything.

WikiTree's unique Trusted List system creates a circle of trust around every individual person on the worldwide family tree. This means you can share common ancestors with people without giving those distant cousins access to your spouse's family, children, etc.

This is what enables us all to keep our family history on the same, single worldwide family tree. It's unlike anything else out there.

3. You want to collaborate with family.

Through the years many of us have carried photo albums to family reunions, printed out charts, sent photocopies and disks to distant relatives, etc. Now anyone with an Internet connection can see the most current version of everything.

What's more, now family members can instantly and easily contribute. While they browse and enjoy the information you've collected, they can help fill in the blanks, or post a personal memory, comment, or photo. All with a few clicks. All entirely free. It's really pretty cool when you think about it.

If you have no interest in sharing and collaborating, WikiTree is not for you.

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