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Note: This page is no longer being updated. People with regional knowledge are now being listed right on the regional category pages, so as to be more easily found by people needing help in the area.

This page is for listing WikiTreers who live in or have experience working with the genealogical records of a certain country or other region. See also Language volunteers, which lists WikiTreers who can help with translation.



  • Ray Jones - Can help people search the Croatian Catholic Church records that are available on Familysearch.

Czech Republic



  • Wendy Hampton - Lives in England. Has particular knowledge of South West (Dorset), South Midlands (Cotswolds), and East Midlands (Derbyshire).
  • Michele Bergin - Lives in England. Has particular knowledge of London and Kent.


  • Maggie N. - Experience with Catholic records in the Territory of Belfort.


  • Eowyn Langholf
  • Jillaine Smith - Can decipher old German handwriting-- especially church records; familiarity with Rheinpfalz, Schwarzwald (Black Forest) and the area south of Stuttgart, north of Swiss border.
  • Lars Vad - Can help with research in Schleswig-Holstein.


  • Maggie N. - Experience researching Hungarian records.

Latin America

  • Patrick Barnum is the Project Manager for the Latin American Roots project, Project:Latin_American_Roots. He can provide help and orientation for WikiTree members performing research in any of the 20 Latin American nations (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela). You may contact him in either English or Spanish.

The Netherlands




  • Maggie N. - Experience researching Slovakian records.

United States

  • Jillaine Smith
    • Buffalo, NY (especially 1848-1900)
    • Colonial New England
  • Maggie N
    • Toledo, Ohio & Ottawa County (specifically Hungarian American communities)
    • Buffalo, Erie, NY
    • Rochester, NY ( pre-1900)
    • Detroit, Michigan (specifically Hungarian American communities)
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