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These Shareable Trees are no longer recommended and will be phased out. --25 January 2023

See a Wikid Shareable Tree example.

What makes them so wikid?

Oh, nothing. Wikid is just a play on words because we think these trees are wicked cool.

But they are seriously wiki. They're made for easy collaboration. They highlight missing information so your family and friends can help you fill in the blanks.

When changes and improvements are made, the trees are instantly updated.

What makes them so shareable?

The Wikid Shareable format is perfect for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, e-mail, etc., for two reasons:

1. Strict Privacy Controls

A Shareable Tree won't appear unless the starting person has a Privacy Level of "Private with Public Family Tree" or higher.

Moreover, the parents and grandparents on the tree have their own individual Privacy Levels which determine whether they'll appear with their full names and dates, or with just basic names and date decades, or with just [private father] or whatever.

If you change a Privacy Level, the tree is instantly updated.

This might sound complicated. On the back-end of things, it needs to be. But on the front-end it's all crystal clear: What you see is what other people will see.

You can confidently share these trees with anyone, anywhere.

2. Wicked Easy Sharing

There's no invasive and annoying "app" for you and your family members to install.

With the easy sharing icons like find-on-Facebook-Twitter.gif you can post to Facebook, Twitter, or hundreds of other websites with just a click or two.

Or simply copy and paste the URL on a website ... discussion forum ... blog ... e-mail message ... whatever.

Yeah, it's all pretty sweet.

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