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This is a help page on writing help pages. :-)


Authoring and Editing

Help pages should primarily be written by team members, and all edits to help pages must be reviewed by team members. WikiTree, as a business organization, is responsible for their content. This sets help pages apart from all other pages on WikiTree.

This has legal consequences. For example, if a member writes on some page somewhere, "Hey, this photo is copyright-free and anyone can use it," we are not legally-liable for whether or not that statement is correct unless it is pointed out to us by the copyright holder. However, if this same statement appears on an official help pages we may be held directly responsible. Therefore, we need to always know what is being said on help pages and confirm that it's correct.

Legal issues aside, this is important for members. Members should be able to trust that what is being said on help pages is correct and up-to-date.

Since it's hard for us to monitor and maintain help guides in different locations and media forms, e.g. pages kept on Google Docs, YouTube videos, etc., we only take this responsibility over wiki help pages here in the "Help:" namespace. All other pages and instructions are not considered official.

Note that the above applies to English language help pages. We need to disclaim responsibility for translated pages.

Categorization and Indexing

Almost all help pages also should go in the main Category:WikiTree Help category.

Most should also go in subcategories such as Category:Categorization Help or Category:Styles and Standards.

Some, such as this page here, should only go in a subcategory, e.g. Category:Sysop Help, because they are only of very specialized interest.

Help Namespace vs. Docs Namespace

Anything that can be public should be public. This page, for example, is only of interest to sysops but nothing here needs to be kept private, so it's on a public page.

Some information should be kept private. This includes technical documentation on the inner workings of WikiTree. It's our policy to keep this private so we don't make things easier for potential hackers. It also includes pages that may refer to individual members involved in conflicts.

Keep in mind that Leaders can see pages in the Docs namespace.


Help page names should be capitalized, e.g. this page is named "Help Pages" instead of "Help pages".

Level two (==) headlines should also use the headline-case capitalization.

Level three (===) sub-headers and below should use sentence-case capitalization, i.e. just capitalize the first word.

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