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DNA Confirmation using Y-chromosome DNA tests can be relatively simple.

As an alternative to following these instructions, you can use Greg Clarke's DNA Confirmation app.


Each of the matching tests must be for at least 37 markers.

If their profiles are accessible to you on Family Tree DNA, from their yDNA matches page click on the red TiP icon for a TiP report. Set it to display a value at every generation. Does the Family Tree DNA TiP report predict a similar number of generations between the test takers as traditional genealogy? If so, you can mark the paternal relationships as Confirmed with DNA.

You can use WikiTree's Relationship Finder to find how the two test takers are related, the MRCA(s) for the two test takers, and which paternal relationships can be confirmed. Just be certain that it is the direct paternal line and not another common ancestor shared with your match.

Example Source Citation

Here is an example of what to add to the == Sources == section of each son with a father marked "Confirmed with DNA" using yDNA:

* Paternal relationship is confirmed through Y-chromosome DNA testing. [[Smith-44676|William Waugh Smith]], FTDNA kit #95454, and his 6th cousin once removed, [[Smith-81508|Len Smith]], FTDNA kit #216226, match at a Genetic Distance of 2 on 67 markers thereby confirming their direct paternal lines back to their MRCA [[Smith-15895|Thomas Smith]]. FTDNA indicates that the probability the two share a common ancestor within the last 7 generations is 91.73% and within the last 8 generations is 94.73%.

For privacy, if any of your matches are not on WikiTree, use initials for that person or another anonymous identifier.

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