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WikiTree called 2021 our "Year of Accuracy" and hosted a range of activities aimed at fixing mistakes and improving accuracy on our collaborative family tree. This page is left as an archive.

Leaders are creating new challenges every month. Follow the tag year_of_accuracy for updates.


The WikiTree Challenge

Our headline challenge for the year — the biggest event we have ever hosted — is The WikiTree Challenge. Each week we are focusing on the genealogy of one guest star and collaborating to make their ancestry here more accurate and complete than it is anywhere else.

52 Weeks of Accuracy

Some members are choosing one profile each week to review and improve. See Help:52 Weeks of Accuracy. You can join any time and share what profile you improved with the group.

Project Challenges

Many WikiTree Projects are hosting challenges. Here are some of them.

Arborists Unmerged Match Challenge

The Arborists Project asks, Can we reduce the total number of Unmerged Matches in this Year of Accuracy? Help us sort out conflicting evidence on matching profiles in the Unmerged Match Challenge!

Canada Project: Trans-Canada Orphan Trail

The Canada Project has introduced the Trans-Canada Orphan Trail to support the Year of Accuracy initiative. Using orphaned profiles that need some attention, members will work through the program focusing on improving their skills, where to find reliable sources, and learning about Canadian history and geography.

Cemeterists/Sourcerers Joint Sourcing Challenge

The Cemeterist Project is partnering with the Sourcerers Project on a cooperative sourcing event during the month of March to add verifiable sources across our shared tree. The Cemetery Sourcing Challenge focuses on the 1100+ profiles that have been added to cemetery categories (or otherwise list cemetery interment information), but do not contain any other sources. For details see here.

England Project: Election Time!

The challenge for February is to create or improve the profiles for some of the victorious MP’s who were elected in the 1868 General Election. It was first to be held in the United Kingdom where over one million votes were cast. It resulted in a victory for the Liberal party led by William Ewart Gladstone, whose party gained 387 seats, compared to the losing Conservatives, led by Benjamin Disraeli, who won just 271 seats. Details here

France Project: Orphelin Trail

The France Project Orphelin Trail (Orphaned Profiles Team) is focused on introducing members to accurate French records.

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