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Isham Hodges (bef. 1730 - bef. 1782)

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Isham Hodges
Born before in Brunswick County, Colony of Virginiamap [uncertain]
Ancestors ancestors
Son of [uncertain] and [uncertain]
Brother of and [half]
Husband of — married 1751 in Lunenburg County, Colony of Virginiamap
Descendants descendants
Died before in Henry County, Virginia, United Statesmap
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Isham was born about 1730. Isham Hodges ... He passed away after 1782.

Isham Hodges was listed or counted as being in the household of Robert Hodges in 1748.[1] Isham Hodges was listed in old Lunenburg County (today Franklin) in the household of Robert Hodges in 1748 (John Phelps' list, under Isom Hodg) and 1749 (Nicholas Haile's list). Again in 1749, Isham Hodges is enumerated in the house of Robert Hodges.[2]

By 1750 (Nicholas Haile's list) he is listed separately from Robert (as Isom Hodge). This suggests Isham Hodges was living in his own household in Lunenburg County by this time. [3]; Quote: A List of Tithables from the Mouth of Falling River Upwards for the Year 1748, Taken by John Phelps: Robt. Hodges, Isham Hodges: Tithes: 2 [4] (This part of old Lunenburg County is now Franklin County, Virginia). Isham Hodges, over his lifetime, acquired much land from deeds, patents, and grants in the Chestnut Mountain and Chestnut Creek area of what is now Franklin County Virginia."


Date: Before 1730 You have to be 21 years old to own land, which Isham did in 1751.[4]
Place: (Uncertain) Brunswick County, Colony of Virginia (later Henry County and present day Franklin County)[5][6]


Children listed in his will:


Over the course of his life, Isham Hodges acquired by patent, grant, or deed 1,079 acres of land. At the time of the first land tax record in Henry County, Virginia, in 1782, his estate was taxed on 1,000 acres of land. The difference is most likely accounted for by a conveyance to Samuel Patterson in 1771 (Pittsylvania Co. (Va.) Deed Book 1/481), which we will treat in further detail in our discussion of conveyances. The instruments by which Isham acquired 1,079 acres of land:

  1. 1 Halifax Co. (Va.) Deeds 1/256; Date: Nov. 10, 1756;Grantor: Thomas Hall; Grantee: Isom Hodges; Acreage: 75 acres; Location: On Chestnut Creek adjoining John Hall ; Consideration: twenty-seven pounds current money of Virginia ; Witnesses: John Kearby, Francis Kerby, John Kerby (x) ; Record Date: March 17, 1757.
  2. Halifax Co. (Va.) Deeds 5/465; Date: Aug. 7, 1765; Grantor: John Heard; Grantee: Isham Hodges; Acreage: 100 acres; Location: situat (sic) and lying upon the south side of Chestnut Creek in Halifax County, adjoining Isham Hodges. Consideration: thirteen pounds current money of Virginia; Witnesses: James Dillard, Tully Choice, John Farris; Record Date: August 15, 1765.
  3. Halifax Co. (Va.) Deeds 5/467; Date: February 20, 1765 Grantor: John Hall; Grantee: 1sam Hodges; Acreage: 100 acres be the same more or less; Location: Halifax County on the south side of Chestnut Creek; Consideration: thirteen pounds current money of Virginia; Witnesses: Tully Choice, Jeremiah Morrow (x), John Heard; Record Date: August 15, 1765.
  4. Halifax Co. (Va.) Deed Book 2/354;Date: August 16, 1766 Grantor: John Hall; Grantee: Isam Hodges; Acreage: 75 acres by estimation; Location: both sides of Chestnut Creek; Consideration: fifty pounds current money of Virginia; Witnesses: Francis Kerby, John Kerby; Record Date: August 21, 1766.
  5. Patent Book 40/625; Grantor: King George III; Grantee: Isham Hodges; Acreage: 420 acres; Location: Lunenburg County on both sides of Chestnut Creek adjoining Hall, Caldwell, Pickens, and others. Consideration: 45s. Record Date: August 3, 1771.
  6. Commonwealth Grant Book D/501; Grantor: Commonwealth of Virginia; Grantee: Isham Hodges; Acreage: 249 acres; Location: Henry County on the branches of Chestnut Creek adjoining Dickenson's land; Record Date: February 1, 1781.
  7. Commonwealth Grant Boo C/462; Grantor: Commonwealth of Virginia; Grantee: Isham Hodges; Acreage: 193 acres; Location: Henry County on Chestnut Creek adjoining Robert Grimmett); Record Date: March 1, 1781;

There are three deeds disposing of lands of Isham Hodges:

  1. Pittsylvania Co. (Va.) Deed and Will Book 1/481; Date: May 10, 1770; Grantor: Isam Hodges; Grantee: Samuel Patersan; Acreage: a tract by estimation 100 acres; Location: in Pittsylvania County on Chestnut Creek being part of a tract said Patersan now lives on and bounded by the said Isam Hodges' line and Saml. Patersan's own line. Consideration: 20 pounds; Record date: Jul. 27, 1770.
  2. Franklin Co. (Va.) Deed Book 3/505; Date: Nov. 28, 1797; Grantor: Asa and Cloey Hodges; Grantee: Isbell Dickenson; Acreage: all our right and title in lands of Isham Hodges; Location: detailed description in metes and bounds; Consideration: 20 pounds; Witnesses: H. Woods, Betsey Dickenson, David Dickenson; Record date: Dec. Court 1797.
  3. Franklin Co. (Va.) Deed Book 5/399; Date: Oct. 5, 1807; Grantor: Robert Hodges, the only acting executor of Isham Hodges, deceased; Grantees: John Clay, husband of Elizabeth Clay, late Elizabeth Dickenson; Josiah Dickenson; Robert Dickenson; Acreage: 600 acres more or less; Location: (not given); Consideration: 450 pounds; Record Date: Oct. 5, 1807; This was to all appearances the deed by which the lands constituting Isham Hodges's estate were conveyed. It is odd that there is no legal description and that the lands in fact included upwards of 1,000 acres. Evidently, at the time he made his will, Isham Hodges did not address the disposition of the two 1781 land grants, since the 600 acres approximated the total of his other' acquisitions less the conveyance to Samuel Patterson treated above.


Isham I will 29 Mar, 1782:

Isham Hodges of the county of Henry and State of Virginia. Will dated 14 March 1782. That tract of land I now live on containing 600 acres or there about to be sold wen the youngest child arrives to age twenty one years and the money equally divided between my eleven children, my sons Wm Hodges, Isham Hodges, Moses Hodges, Robert Hodges, Aaron Hodges, Asa Hodges, Aimnijah Hodges, Juda Hodges, Keziah Hodges, Martha Hodges , Nancy Hodges. Also all my stock of horses, cattle, hoggs and sheep, my household and kitchen furniture together with my plantation working tools to be sold. To my sons Aaron Hodges and Asa Hodges my set of smiths tools. My set of turning tools to be sold. Frederick Rives, Robert Hodges, John Dickinson, executors. Isham Hodges (x) Witnesses: Frederick Rives, John Prie, Abednegoe Hodges The Virginia Genealogist v.1, pg 119 975.5 B2vg[7]

Isham Hodges' will was dated March 29, 1782 age 51, The will was presented for probate in the Court of Henry County, Virginia, May 23, 1782. In his will he names his eleven children but does not mention a wife, which does not mean she was deceased, however since there is no provision for her is the estate administration, she was likely deceased. One of the surviving sons was named Isham Hodges also.[8] It listed his 11 children, but no wife.[9][10][11] (It was the convention not to mention the eldest son or wife.[12])


He died in Henry County (now Franklin County) between his will dated March 29, 1782 and court ordering heir at law to appear and contest his will on April 26, 1782.[13] Probate was entered on May 23, 1782.

Research Notes

Unable to locate the Hodges / Hill marriage in the book Marriages of Lunenburg County, Virginia, 1746-1853. Further, there is no known record that provides that Hill is his wife's maiden name, just family lore. Many genealogies stating that Isham Hodges’s wife was named Nancy Hill. There is some evidence for this, but researchers should understand just how slender a read that statement rests upon: Juanita Patton of Nashville, Tennessee, furnished the information that her relative Katie Sarver Tompkins wrote a letter in which she states: "My connection with the Hill family is my maternal great, great, great, grandmother is supposed to have been Nancy Hill who married Isham Hodges..." Mrs. Tompkins, who was born in 1883, was a great-granddaughter of Meredith Hodges, a grandson of Isham Hodges, who lived until 1888. Mrs. Tompkins compiled a record of her family sometime in the late 1940's to early 1950's. Generally, where the information in her record can be checked against other sources it has been found to be accurate, but there is no supporting evidence for this particular item and Mrs. Tompkins herself seems to have regarded it as unproven. Nevertheless, it is the only real evidence we have of the possible identity of the wife of Isham Hodges. (Bob Hodges)

According to Bob Hodges: This profile conflates information about several different people. The information on his supposed father Robert is mostly just wrong. Isham is not connected to the Isle of Wight Hodges family.

Land record for his descendants: Isham and Holly Hodges received a land grant in Kentucky for 100 acres in a land grant.[14]

Do not confuse with this different Isham Hodges from the 28th Massachusetts Infantry (Irish Brigade) with Burial: Richmond National Cemetery, Section 8a Site 1580 Cemetery Address 1701 Williamsburg Road, Richmond, VA 23231. On Find-a-Grave as memorial: 3067689.

Another possible son is John Hodges.

Between 1747 and 1752, the Chestnut Creek area of modern Franklin County, Virginia, where Robert and Isham lived, was part of Lunenburg County. In 1752 it became part of Halifax County. In 1767, it became part of Pittsylvania County, and in 1776, part of Henry County. In 1785, it became part of Franklin county where it remains today.

Because he was entering land on his own in 1751, he should have been at least 21, so we generally say that he was probably born no later than 1730.

The old Land Entry Book in the archives of Pittsylvania County contains five entries mentioning Isham Hodges:

  1. June 6, 1751 Isham Hodges 400 ac. on Reedy Creek Beg. at a Poplar Blaz'd two ways on the Sth side said Creek thence up and down both sides. Page 106; Chiarito, Entry Record Book 1737-1770, p. 68.
  2. October 3,1751 Isham Hodges 400 Ac. begin: on the Middle fork of the North Fork of Chestnut Creek at a white Oak blaz'd two ways. Entry Book 138; Chiarito 109.
  3. October 3,1751 Isham Hodges 400 Ac. on the south Fork of Chestnut Cr. begin: at a Red Oak blaz'd 3 ways thence up and down. Entry Book 138; Chiarito 109.
  4. (About May 1760, date illegible) Isham Hodge 400 Ac. Lying ...Beg. at the Mouth of the Lower ...up and down. ) The ellipses (...) indicate illegible sections of the original. Entry Book 259; Chiarito 206.
  5. A fifth entry referencing Isham Hodges 15 that is dated September 10, 1753, for William Sanders for "400 ac. on Chestnut Creek Begin: on Thomas Hall's upper line thence up said Creek on both sides." Entry Book 197; Chiarito 156. This entry contains the note "Transf'd to Isham Hodges." This may be the tract for which Isham Hodges later received a patent in 1771.

The Chancery deposition (listed as a source) appears to say four of the legatees were under age. Census records show that Robert, Aaron and Asa were all born about 1770-1774. Martha was married in 1791, so she may be the fourth underage legatee. But if Moses was born in Jan. 1767, and the last child was born in 1772, there is not much room for four children in five years without twins. Therefore it is possible there are twins, but in 1793, Aaron was appointed as guardian for Asa, so Aaron was of age and Asa wasn’t (suggesting that maybe he wasn’t born by 1772). Aaron first appears in the Franklin County personal property tax list in 1791 and Asa in 1792. A man only had to be 16 years old to be tithable, but it appears that they typically showed up at more like 20 years old.

Isham appears to have named his sons in his will in order of birth, but is this also true for the daughters. The only one for whom we have an established birthdate is Judy, in 1761. Isham’s grandson Jeremiah Channell was probably born in 1773, so Nancy must have been born at least by 1755 or 1757.


  1. Landon Bell's book, Sunlight on the Southside, "(List of Lunenburg Titheables)
  2. Sunlight on the Southside • 1749 Tithe List; Transcribed by Thomas Walter Duda; Page: 96; Quote: For 1749, List Taken by Nicholas Haile: Robtert Hodg, Isom Hodg: Tithes: 2
  3. Sunlight on the Southside • 1748 Tithe List; Transcribed by Thomas Walter Duda; Page: 85
  4. 4.0 4.1 Sunlight on the Southside • 1750 Tithe List; Transcribed by Thomas Walter Duda; Page: 137; Quote: For 1750, List Taken by Nicholas Haile: Robert Hodg: Tithes: 1; Isom Hodg: Tithes: 1
  5. Clue to birth location is given in a bio of his great-grandson, Asa Hodges, it says Asa’s great-grandfather (who is not named) was “of sturdy Scottish birth.” Whether that means born in Scotland or merely of Scots descent is unclear.
  6. Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Eastern Arkansas: Comprising a Condensed History of the State, a Number of Biographies of Distinguished Citizens of the Same, a Brief Descriptive History of Each of the Counties Named Herein, and Numerous Biographical Sketches of the Prominent Citizens of Such Counties; Goodspeed Publishing Company, Goodspeed Publishing Company Staff; Southern Historical Press, 1890 - Reference - 708 pages; Page 417; Quote: Asa Hodges was born in Lawrence County, Ala., January 22, 1822. His father was Hon. William Hodges, a brave son of North Carolina, who, smarting under the would be tyranny of the mother country, bore with his father an active share in the colonies' struggle for independence. Great-grandfather Hodges was of sturdy Scottish birth, ...
  7. Will of Isham Hodges, Sr on FamilySearch
  9. Virginia, Wills and Probate Records, 1652-1983; Name Johns Hoddges; Probate Date 23 May 1782; Probate Place Henry, Virginia, USA; Inferred Death Year Abt 1782; Inferred Death Place Virginia, USA; Item Description Will Books, Vol 1-3, 1777-1831; Household Members: Name: Johns Hoddges
  10. Will Book Index showing Hodges Estate on page 187 and Hodges Estate on Page 187 and another scan of page 187
  11. Hodges Inventory on March 25, 1784 in Henry County by Robert Hodges and next page
  12. In October 1776, entail was abolished, thereby prohibiting the automatic passing of estates through multiple generations. On 1 January 1786, the English system of primogeniture ceased in Virginia. These two events affected the content of probate records. Under primogeniture, Virginia wills may not always name the wife or the eldest son of the testator. Their inheritance of real estate was set by law, the widow receiving her dower, or one-third share, for her lifetime and the eldest son, as heir at law, receiving the remaining two-thirds share unless otherwise specified in the father’s will. After the Revolutionary War, when Virginia’s general inheritance law took effect, all heirs of intestate estates inherited equally.
  13. Henry County (Virginia) Court Order Book 3, Page 7 • April 26, 1782; Note: Most likely this record means that his executors appeared in court with the will, and the court ordered the heir at law (his eldest son, under the rule of primogeniture then in force in Virginia) to appear to contest the will if he so chose.
  14. Grantee: Isham and Holly Hodges; Number of Acres: 100; Survey Date: 31 Mar 1826; County: Opp Allen; Watercourse: Caney Cr; Book Number: 1

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  • 1778-1780 Tax Lists of Henry County, Virginia
  • Kentucky, Land Grants, 1782-1924 about Isham Hodges
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  • U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006; Name I Hodges; Relation Unknown Relationship To Hodges, I; Cemetery Richmond National Cemetery; Cemetery Address 1701 Williamsburg Road Richmond, VA 23231; Buried At Section 8a Site 1580;
  • Find A Grave: Memorial #148426869
  • Chancery Suit for the estate of Isham Hodges. See declaration on images 2–4 and other mentions of Isham on images 5, 8, and 14.
    • Image 2: To the Worshipful the Court of Franklin County in Chancery sitting — Humbly complaining sheweth unto your worships your orator Wm Woodall that some time in year _________ a certain Isham Hodges then of Henry County departed this life having previously made and published his last will and testament which said Will herewith as hereto is prayed to be taken as fact of this bill – in which among other things he directed that a tract of land of great value then in Henry now Franklin County should along with his other property be sold and the proceeds divided among his Eleven Children — Among whom your orator represents that Juda who has intermarried with one Joseph Channel of Randolph County is one. Your orator states, that one John Dickenson in his life time (of whom the defendant Isbell is the Widow & relect) was acting executor of the said Isham Hodges deceased.
    • Image 3 (left): Your orator states further that he is informed that, the said John Dickenson in his life time bought of all the legatees (except Judy) their respective parts of the estate of the said Isham Decd & that the Estate was never sold according to the directions of the testator. Your orator, further sheweth that he hath purchased by deed poll for a valuable consideration the part of the estate which by the will of the Decd should have come to said Judy both real and personal all which is more apparent by the Deed Poll of record in Franklin County Court and herewith exhibited and prayed to be taken as a part of this bill. Your orator states that he has applyed to the defendant Isbel Dickerson widow and admx of John Dickerson decd who in his life time was the acting executor of
    • Image 3 (right): the said Isham Hodges for the amount of the personal property or value that was coming to said Judy and to allot him one eleventh part of the land now in the possession of said Defendant and decreed to be sold by said Isham Hodges but so it is the said Isbale will not pay your orator his part of the proceeds of the sales of the personal property & continues in possession of the whole of the land in contempt of the will of the said Isham Hodges decd and the stern dictates of justice. Wherefore your orator prays that the said Isbale having been compelled as defendant to ansr hereto maybe decreed to pay to your Orator the one Eleventh fraction of the personal Estate of Isham Hodges decd or the value thereof with interest on the same from the time it came to the hands of John.
    • Image 4: Dickerman now decd and also that one eleveth part of the land as assigned him on the same sold and the money paid him. May it please your worships to grant this on such other relief as you may think fit and in duty bound we will always pray etc.
      Claiborne Alcy
      Woodall W
      vs } bill
      Dickenson Trs
      1803 nov 11th
      Bill filed
      1805 March
      answer filed—Genl. Repl & com:
      set for hearing
      1806 July 7th
      abated by Plts death
    • Image 5: The answer of Isbel Dickerson to a bill of complaint exhibited in the County Court of Franklin by William Woodall this defendant saving to herself all advantage of the many Errors, false allegations & untruths in the said complaints bill mentions for answer, or unto so much the as she is advised is material for her to answer unto answereth & saith, that true is a certain Isham Hodges did about the time said by the complaint make his last will & testament in manner aforesaid as stated by the Complainant Devising that his land should be sold by his executor & the money arising from the sale to be equally divided among his Children, your respondent represents that Jno. Dickenson her Deceased husband was the Acting Executor of the said Isham Hodges, who did not make sale of the land as directed by the will, thereupon your respondent by the means being liable for the Eleventh part of the value. Your respondent further states she has a bond executed by Joseph Channell together with several securities for the amount of fifty seven pounds.
    • Image 8: Franklin County
      By virtue of a dedimus from the Worshipfull Court of Franklin we have assembled at the storehouse of Joel Shewsbury within the county of Franklin in order to take the deposition of John Brown of lawfull age to be red [sic] as evidence in a matter of controversy in said Court Depending & undetermined wherein William Woodall is plaintiff and Isabell Dickerson Defendant who being sworn on the holy Evangelist deposith and sayeth that he rented the plantation of Isabella Dickerson the Defendant for five years that formerly belonged to Isham Hodges Deceased and this deponent conceives that his yearly Rent amounted to about sixteen pounds per year and that his deponent did not cultivate more than about three fourth of the plantation and gave on fourth of what he made for the plantation for rent.
      And further sayeth not . . .
      Question by the Plaintiff, what do you conceive the plantation worth if you had the whole of it and sufficient force to tend it? Answer, twenty five founds.
      Question by the Defendant, would you have given as much for the plantation if you had not been priviledged to build a house? Answer, I would not.
      Question by the Defendant, what were you allowed for repairs don[e] on the plantation and building the house? Answer, about twenty three or twenty five pounds as well as I recollect.
    • Image 14: question by the Defendant, how long was Mr Dickenson to have the use of the plantation of Isham Hodges Decd for keeping four of the legatees that was under age.
      Answer, four years.
      Question, by the Defendant do you not know that Robert Hodg acted as an Exr of Isham Hodg Decd? Answer, I do. Question by the Plaintiff, did you not understand by Mr Dickenson that he had taken upon himself the Executorship of Isham Hodg decd and exonerate Robert Hodges? answer, I did.
      Sworn to before us on this 30th day of July 1805.
      Jno. Smith
      Robert Innes
      • Note: Counsel for the Defendant asks how long John Dickenson was to have the use of the plantation for the underage legatees and the answer is four years. Since an heir could choose their own guardian at 14, this suggests that the youngest child was born in 1772 (1782+4=1786-14=1772).
    • Robert, the executor is back in Probate on June 27, 1808 in Henry County. Virginia Wills and Probate Records, 1652-1983; Henry Will Books, Vol 1-3, 1777-1831.
  • Research notes of Bob Hodges.

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Hodges-4480 and Hodges-92 are not ready to be merged because: T here are three Isham Hodges abt the same time. I feel there should be further research...... another ex. is that the children don't match up .... they are from two diff. families... with the two Ishams the births are diff as well as their deaths....Please take all of this info into consideration before making any hasty judgements.
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