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Born 1940s.
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You have just replaced the grandparents of Robert Louis Stevenson (Stephenson-2618). The ones who were there were from Ireland, and married in Northumberland. The ones you have replaced them with are from the USA and the female died in Tennessee. What is your reason for this change, please?
posted by Ros Haywood
Hello Hans,

Well, you straightened out the"Gibson" dup's and extended the family, for which I am grateful! Anytime you'd like to work on my German "brick walls", Ma and Pa sides, I would be pleased.

posted by Kay (Beals) Kready
Hi! I just approved the merge of the Mary Avaline Kinser/Kincer Ellis ladies. I don't know how I missed the Kincer version when I added the Kinser version. Thank you for finding that!

One favor: Could you please leave the last name as Kinser? That family had a whole bunch of spellings of names, probably do the last of education. My grandfather had kind of strong feelings about how it was written and pronounced. I feel a loyalty there. Jeanne Kinser Doom

posted by Jeanne (Kinser) Doom
You recently added South Africa to place names. Please check the Country naming pages before doing that,


posted by Louis Heyman
edited by Louis Heyman
Thank you, Hans, for completing the Merge of Woolsey-1261 and Woolsey-1260
posted by Susan Smith
Dear Germany Project member,

it's annual check-in time 2023. If you still wish to remain a member of the Germany Project, please reply to this post, by stating this intention. If we don’t hear from you in the next 30 days, your membership badge will be removed. In this case please don't be offended ... you're welcome to rejoin at any time. Please also note, that in order to receive help, with researching your German ancestors, membership is not mandatory. Just ask your questions in the G2G forum and tag them with Germany in order for knowledgeable people to see them.

If you wish to remain a member, we would like to learn more about your perception of the Germany Project in order to achieve a future development according to our members needs and wishes. For this, we created a survey, which we kindly ask you to fill-in.

In case you want to communicate, discuss and receive help about WikiTree in German, you might want to check out the WikiTree category at Compgen’s Discourse as well as the German Discord server Ahnenforschung.

Of course there’s still the official WikiTree Discord server, where we usually talk English. Feel free to learn more about Discord and the server at Help:Discord.

Kind regards from Black Forest

Flo (Project Coordinator Research/Resources)
posted by Florian Straub
Yes, Florian, I would like to continue to be a member of the German Project.

Happy Day - Hans Hofmann-545

posted by Hans Hofmann
Hans, thank you for seeing the clear duplication of Carl Persson. I have completed the merge you suggested. Howard
posted by Howard Carlson Th.D.
Hello Vicki, thank you for your comments, really appreciated. Particularly I thank you for your understanding of the conundrum - there are profiles

who appear to be duplicates solely because one or both profiles contain erroneous data of some sort, be it linked relations or dates or locations. My hope is always that the respective PM's will be motivated to have another look at what is or is not possible to be amended. I know, hard work - but with your help it will get resolved eventually.

Happy Day Hans

posted by Hans Hofmann
Thanks so much for your work in cleaning up duplicate profiles. You recently proposed a merge between one of the profiles I manage and another, I responded with reasons for why I don't think this merge is appropriate, but wanted you to know that I appreciate your efforts. You pointed out some inconsistencies with the same daughter listed for two men with the same name. I hope this can eventually be resolved, but it may not be since I do not manage the other profile, I am hesitant to undo without more input from the other profile manager or more definite proof.
posted by Vicki Green
Thanks for catching the duplicate of Giovanna Piccione!
posted by Joanne Agate
Go ahead with the Swander-106 and Schwander-40 merge. I never found any further info on the LNAB conflict. Thanks.
posted by Terry (Glick) Burt
The proposed merge between Thomas Anderson (Anderson-34253) and Thomas Anderson (Anderson-31560) looks very probable. I suffered a house fire in September 2022. My reference books probably survived (it was mostly the garage), they may or may not have additional sources, but the books are in storage until the very slow rebuilding process is complete. Regardless, you have my blessing to merge, it's been a while since I did real work on WikiTree, so tell me if I need to press buttons.
Thanks for the suggested merger of the Johns Gaulton 1811 and 1815. Makes sense!
Thanks, Hans for pointing out the 2 needed mergers in my family tree. Thank you again, for your keen eye.


posted by Steve Singletary
Hi Hans, if you could be careful of race when sourcing USA profiles, that would help us out. You conflated Cad Hicks (Hicks-5813) who was Black with Cadwallader Hicks who was white. Then you merged the two profiles. I had to restore Cad and recreate Cadwallader. In most US states interracial marriage was illegal before 1967, so this marriage relationship wasn't even possible which is what instantly clued me in to the conflation. Plus, the original sources were listed on Cad's profile which shows him as Black! Thanks, Emma
Hello Emma, my apologies for this error, I don't know how that got away from me.

Thank your for pointing this out to me, and thank you for making the necessary corrections. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your attention in this matter. Happy Day Hans

posted by Hans Hofmann
Hi Hans, many thanks for the proposal merger for my 4x great grandfather William Latham!
posted by Sue (Adamson) Mairena
Thank you for Coleman-18415 merge
posted by Stuart Morley
Hi Hans,

In regards to my grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Giffin, it's listed that her last name at birth was McLellan. When in truth, her last name at birth was Turnbull. She was adopted by the McLellan's when she was three years old, which was when she had her surname legally changed to McLellan. This is what was told by Mary to my mother, Norma Jean Lyons (Giffin).

Please reach out if you have further questions,


posted by Kerry (Lyons) Penaloza
Hello Kerry, thank you for your interesting story. I am sure you are aware of the WikiTree Help Page for Adoptions - https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Adoptions_and_Multiple_Parents

At any case, I would propose to include your notation in the Bio of Mary. Happy Day - Hans

posted by Hans Hofmann
Wow. This is interesting to know. I have Turnbull's in my family but somehow hit a wall. This might be why I see Lyons in my tree!!! No pun intended. Lions in trees lol
posted by Stella Johnson
Hi Hans,

re Henry John Waters 1868-1928. You have year of his father's death 1899 in there. His father was also Henry John Waters but 1847-1899.


Ross Waters

posted by Ross Waters
Hi Hans,

I noticed that you edited a few profiles of individuals from Hawaii and changed their death locations from "Hawaii Territory" to simply "Hawaii". This is incorrect as Hawaii was a territory before 21 August 1959 when it was admitted into the union as the 50th state.


posted by Anon. Nishimoto
hello Hans,

saw you had completed a merge I had proposed. Thank you for that. There were some changes you made, which I had to correct: 1) there is no such thing as middle name in French, they are all given names, so the middle name box should be marked as none. 2) women keep their own names. See https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Quebecois Québécois project page for guidelines on names and location names, which also apply later. Again, thanks for your work on this.


posted by Danielle Liard
Scottish women also retain their own surnames. Perhaps Wikitree can accommodate this.
posted by Chris Smith
Sorry for that, you could always just edit the Profile and restore the "Current Last Name" to the name you wish, and, perhaps make a notation to that effect in the Bio.
posted by Hans Hofmann
If the proposed Albert Kutz merge is to go forward, the fathers (of Kutz-591 and Kutz-746 (both named Reuben Kutz) can't remain a rejected match.
posted by Robert Kutz
Thank you for combining the two relatives of mine. I have to go in and make sure the descendants transferred of Hettie Elizabeth Godbee and Claudine O’Banion. But you found a duplicate in one or the other…
posted by M Perry
Thanks, Hans, for merging the two Rebecca Stewart Wilsons.
posted by Dwight Childers
Hans,I believe you removed the children of William Trosper and Elizabeth Israel by accident. Will you please re-add them to the profile. Thank you, Della Ford Nash
posted by Della (Ford) Nash
Hi Hans,

Congratulations and welcome on joining the Arborists Project! If you have any questions, please always feel free to contact me.

Gillian, co-Leader, Australia Project

posted by Gillian Thomas
Hey Hans,

I found your profile for Anna Koestner formerly Hauser and she's actually my 1C3R. I've been doing a lot of research on my Bohemian ancestors and you write in your research notes on the profiles that many documents got lost after 1945, but there are actually a lot of parish books still available. Here is the marriage entry of Anna Hauser and Johann Köstner for example: https://portafontium.eu/iipimage/30065987/mutenin-60_0190-o?x=16&y=169&w=1080&h=459

That page has a lot of digitized parish books from that area (not just the Census you found).

Anna Hauser's birth entry (and the ones of her sisters) are not available yet, because of privacy laws.

I'd like to edit her profile and make a connection to my tree (by adding her parents etc), of course with sources.

Best wishes, Anna

posted by Anna Radons
Not sure, but I think the profile for Frank Clark is wrong. The father of Hobart Clark is Frank/Francis Mariam. This Frank Clark’s parents were John Clark 1826-1876, and Elizabeth Lowther 1831-1880. He is buried in Ross county Ohio.
posted by Mychal Lowe
Hans, ek sien jy het Helena Jacomina Beukes se middelnaam ingevul pleks van al haar name in die voornaam veld te sit. Volgens SA protokol gebruik ons nie middelname nie. Is daar 'n rede hoekom jy dit so doen?
Hello Hans, Thank you for fleshing out the bios of some of the Cleveland Family in South Carolina. ( nee Georgia). The branch I come from is the Rev John. However, I have 2 of his sons as grandfathers as well. Lots of inter-marrying. :)

Again, Many thanks! Melinda

posted by Melinda (Medlock) Lyon
Hi Hans, it would be great if you would add sources for your changes. You changed the birth, death, and marriage dates and locations on https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Pillsbury-2071 but neither the 1860 census nor the FindAgrave Memorial (which doesn't even have a death date) proves any of these changes. If you see information somewhere without a source, that can always go in the research notes. Thanks, Emma
Thank you for your message, Steve - it was a pleasure to add a few sources. There are more for this family on FAG,

I did not do all of them. I am sure it will help the "Tree"

Happy Day Hans

posted by Hans Hofmann
Thanks Hans for adding so much to the profile of Isaac Whitbread and his family in Australia.

You have found a lot from 'Find a Grave'. It was not a system that I knew about when I created the profiles. The extra information, with sources, is very valuable.

Best wishes, Steve

posted by Steve Thomas

It’s Germany Project check-in time again! Please respond within the next 2 weeks and let me know if you’re still interested in participating with the Project. Remember, the only requirements for membership in the Germany Project are (1) that you work on at least one German profile every 6 months and (2) that you respond to this check-in.

Please respond to this message by posting a reply below or sending me a private message on WikiTree. In your response, we welcome any feedback you may want to give on the project (what you like about it, what you’d like to see us do, what we could change, etc.)

If you ever have any questions, please ask. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Traci ~ Germany Project co-leader

posted by Traci Thiessen
Hello Traci - Thanks - yes, I am still interested, and will be working on the odd German Profiles as much as possible. Happy Day - Hans
posted by Hans Hofmann
Thanks for responding, Hans! When you have a chance, could you please join our Google Group? Link: https://groups.google.com/g/wikitreegermanroots. Request to join the group from that page and please make sure to add your name and/or WikiTree ID to the request. Best, Traci
posted by Traci Thiessen
Hi Hans, Please add the G2G tag GERMANY to your list of followed tags. Instructions are here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Tags#How_to_follow_tags. Thanks, Traci
posted by Traci Thiessen
Hello Traci, done that. However, the displayed name defaulted to "Peter Hofmann" and I cannot change it to "Hans Hofmann", nor, add the profile name "Hofmann-545"

Happy Day - Hans

posted by Hans Hofmann
Hi Hans, I am researching Celina Carpenter, Carpenter-8875, and I noticed that you have edited her profile.

I wonder if you are related to her and, if so, if you have had a DNA test; if so I would very much like to do a comparison! Many thanks, Rob

posted by Rob Wilson
Thanks for updating Lewis Robert's info. He is my great-great grandfather. :)
posted by Jessica Fuqua
My name is Robert Livensparger, ggnephew of Isaac Livensparger would like to have any information you have of him from the time he was medically discharged from the Union Army.
posted by Bob Livensparger
edited by Bob Livensparger
Thank-you Hans for adding new information to Lenora Cowart (my grandmother). Every little bit helps. :)
posted by Kim Cathey

Thank you for everything and helping me with this profile.




I have corrected the Last name for Georgianna

posted by Devin Turner

I want to thank you for adding some the Hershey family to the Carpenters lines. That was big help thank you will look in to them when I get some time.



Hans, I thought you might like to see how I add a Find a Grave link by editing their source citation to use our FindAGrave template. See this edit:


posted by Karen Lowe
Also thanks for adding Ralph Williams and family. He married my French American cousin Barbara Burdalow (Bordeleau).
posted by Karen Lowe
You have noted on my profile that the site lacks sources. I have sourced my birth certificate. Please tell me what other sources are needed. I appreciate you keeping us on our toes.

I have been correcting "821 Headings starts with blank - removed blank in front of Biography heading" on many of the profiles you have worked on. Please check your work. Most errors have been in headings. Best, Linda

posted by Linda Crannell
Thank you for finding my dad and mom's marriage license in Oklahoma (Verl Valentine Shaull and Georgia Ruby Mc Clary). I tried but couldn't find it. My dad and mom didn't have much. It was during the Depression when they married. Dad came to Oregon by himself to find work. He went to work for the Doctor who ran the dental college. Doctor Miller convinced him to go to school. My dad was a janitor at the school at night and student during the day. Dad became a successful dentist here in Portland, OR.
posted by Val Shaull
Thank you, Hans, for every one of your more than one thousand contributions to our Shared Tree during the month of September. The Appreciation Team honors you for all of your efforts.

Pippin Sheppard

WikiTree’s Appreciation Team

posted by Pip Sheppard
Hans, thank you for each of your more than 1000 contributions to our Shared Tree for the month of August 2019. All of your work makes our Tree all that much better.

Pippin Sheppard

WikiTree’s Appreciation Team

posted by Pip Sheppard
Bill, your comments are well noted, and I agree. The problem arises with multiple spouses and perhaps children with each one - when it becomes an issue to deliniate when one marriage might have started and / or ended. And as long as there is a field to document the end of a marriage - for any reason, sometimes the date of a death will have to serve.
posted by Hans Hofmann
Hans, Thanks for adding the profile of Reuben Skaggs. I wanted to point out the a death of one spouse ends any marriage by default, but not explicitly. A specific date for the end of a marriage is more commonly used to signify divorce or marriage dissolution. Moreover, adding marriage end dates that correspond to dates of death can create Database Errors in certain instances. These are just my observations from experience, provided as a suggestion. - Bill
posted by Bill Vincent Ph.D.

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